Printable Travel Checklist For Forgetful Girls (Like Me!)

Packing for travel always, ALWAYS result in me forgetting the smallest things which feels like it is the most important thing when realization hits. It’s annoying, and frustrating at times – especially when it’s not something you can buy at your destination, because it just isn’t the same. Have you ever experienced this before? There’s … More Printable Travel Checklist For Forgetful Girls (Like Me!)

Only In Kyoto

  One of the main reasons to be in Kyoto: to buy delicious things at the market and eat! Of course, if you’re into teahouses and geishas, this is also the place to be. 😉 In my Osaka post, I mentioned that the Kuromon Ichiba Market there was pretty subpar, it is because when I … More Only In Kyoto