Bali Food Journal

It took me a very long time to finish writing and editing images from my Bali trip, but this here is FINALLY, the last post. My London trip that happened in July sort of delayed me as I wasn’t keen on bringing my Macbook Air along with me on the trip, for obvious reasons. After … More Bali Food Journal

London Calling

If you haven’t already, read my introductory post to everything you need to know from driving around the UK to claiming VAT tax refunds. It’s quite a long but useful one, and pretty worth the read, in my opinion. :p So.. London. It’s beautiful, vibrant, lively and always surprising. I love it there and I … More London Calling

Prancing In Perth

After last year’s trip to the Queensland and Victoria territories, I didn’t expect to be back in Australia again so soon. This time, we were headed to Western Australia – Perth, to be exact. It is for our company trip, so it is a pretty short one where I only have a day and a … More Prancing In Perth

Bali Vlog

Hey guys, I’m compiling the Bali travel tips and various posts right now, but it’s been crazy! There are so many photos, so many things to say and everything is taking a very long time – cause all of it wants to come out together. On top of that, I also have a lot of … More Bali Vlog