Gorging Day

Another year has passed. My lovely boss took us all out for the team’s annual Gorging Day. Although not an actual holiday (it always falls on a work day), Gorging Day must occur a few days before the actual holiday (in this case, Christmas) and it must include pork. Our Gorging Day venue selection for … More Gorging Day

The Peak’s ‘Ho Mia’ Art Auction For Charity

  The word ‘Ho Mia’ is from the Hokkien dialect, meaning ‘the good life’. It represents one who is living a prosperous and abundant life. Just the other night, The Peak Malaysia hosted the Ho Mia Charity Auction at the Wei-Ling Contemporary gallery in The Gardens. This auction involves a project where 10 beautiful melon … More The Peak’s ‘Ho Mia’ Art Auction For Charity