Salmon & Brown Rice Pokē Bowl

If you haven’t heard of the pokē bowl yet (pronounced poh-keh), you probably will soon. The pokē bowl trend has ben sweeping across the USA and I daresay it would soon hit Malaysian shores where poke bowl shops will be all the rage later this year. What is it though? It’s traditionally a Hawaiian dish … More Salmon & Brown Rice Pokē Bowl

Tasty Tuna

Anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE tuna. Aside from salmon (which is my number one favorite fish), tuna swims in at a very close second. I can literally eat all forms of tuna – canned, fresh, raw, grilled, sandwiched, barbecued, baked, and so on. My favorite, and most convenient-to-eat is of course … More Tasty Tuna

Healthy Thai

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m an absolute sucker for Thai food. Much joy filled my life when I managed to concoct the most delicious homemade Thai tom yum soup at my very first attempt. I’m pretty much a salad eater these days and as much as I really love Japanese salad dressing, I … More Healthy Thai