Mish Balichorette 2019

What a whirlwind! My bachelorette trip to Bali just ended and I cannot be more grateful and happy with it. My bridesmaids have done such a great job at planning the itinerary and little surprises along the way, making it the perfect bachelorette getaway. You know, it’s strange that in my younger years, I always … More Mish Balichorette 2019

Only in Cambodia

About 4 days after I got back from Australia, I had to repack my luggage for my next trip to Cambodia. It was a company trip that was pretty packed with fun, food and colleagues – all in 3 days. We were located in Siem Reap, where most of the temples are located nearby and … More Only in Cambodia

Hello Bangkok!

I first visited Bangkok in 2008, and was last there in 2011 last year. This year proved to be another amazing experience in Bangkok – more so because of my travel companion (the love of my life); this being our first overseas trip together and my better appreciation for thai food. It’s also mainly a … More Hello Bangkok!