One Year Since

I drew this last year, in dedication to my grandmother who passed away on the 11th January 2014. A tiger because that is her Chinese zodiac, and the 90 on its cheek signifies the age she lived on Earth. It’s not easy losing someone you grew up with and love so dearly. I think my … More One Year Since

Gorging Day

Another year has passed. My lovely boss took us all out for the team’s annual Gorging Day. Although not an actual holiday (it always falls on a work day), Gorging Day must occur a few days before the actual holiday (in this case, Christmas) and it must include pork. Our Gorging Day venue selection for … More Gorging Day


  As much as I dread and welcome my birthday (dread getting older, welcome the plethora of food coming my way; “this way please” – points to tummy), I had a fairly good and relaxing one this year. I even got to pick out my own gift, and the restaurant I want to dine in. … More Twenty-Six

If You Won’t Love Him When He’s Poor, He Won’t Love You When He’s Rich

Just the other day, I was talking to an acquaintance of mine, and she was very vexed about something. I asked her about it, and she (probably had too much to drink) told me all about it. Apparently, the guy she dated for a good 4 years, whom she dumped, is now a multi-millionaire. She … More If You Won’t Love Him When He’s Poor, He Won’t Love You When He’s Rich

The Black Ribbon

  There’s just too much going on in Malaysia now that is just a whole circus of sad news. For one, Flight MH370 – which most probably had crashed according to the latest news, and the poor passengers and crew onboard who probably didn’t stand a chance. May they rest in peace. Next up, the … More The Black Ribbon

We Are Two

One of the happiest and constant thing in my life is my relationship. In all my life, I have been hurt, I have been burned, I have lived through it and I have learned from all the pain. I have learnt to be strong. And right now, I am the happiest I have ever been … More We Are Two