London Calling

If you havenโ€™t already, read my introductory post to everything you need to know from driving around the UK to claiming VAT tax refunds. Itโ€™s quite a long but useful one, and pretty worth the read, in my opinion. :p So.. London. Itโ€™s beautiful, vibrant, lively and always surprising. I love it there and I … More London Calling

Printable Travel Checklist For Forgetful Girls (Like Me!)

Packing for travel always, ALWAYS result in me forgetting the smallest things which feels like it is the most important thing when realization hits. It’s annoying, and frustrating at times โ€“ especially when it’s not something you can buy at your destination, because it just isn’t the same. Have you ever experienced this before? There’s … More Printable Travel Checklist For Forgetful Girls (Like Me!)

Brunch At Dolly’s

Over the weekend, the very last weekend of the 15 days of Chinese New Year, we had our own little gathering over dim sum. The place to try was Dolly Dim Sum โ€“ a unconventionally decorated venue that serves pork-free dim sum. Many people gasp at the absurdity of having pork-free dim sum โ€“ like … More Brunch At Dolly’s

Lunar Year Bag Haul

I have a penchant (and reputation within my family) for collecting bags. Branded bags, cheap bags, small or big โ€“ I have more than my hands could carry. My bag storage spaces (both in my family home and my boyfriend’s home) are so crammed and a little dusty, that I am afraid of venturing within … More Lunar Year Bag Haul