Brunch At Dolly’s

Over the weekend, the very last weekend of the 15 days of Chinese New Year, we had our own little gathering over dim sum. The place to try was Dolly Dim Sum – a unconventionally decorated venue that serves pork-free dim sum. Many people gasp at the absurdity of having pork-free dim sum – like … More Brunch At Dolly’s

China Treasures Redefines Gastronomy

It’s getting closer to that special time of the year where we unite to celebrate prosperity – Chinese New Year. Plenty of places have started selling their red-colored wares and dΓ©cor, and most Chinese restaurants have prepared for a grueling night of serving reunions dinners and signature courses all through the 15 days of celebration. … More China Treasures Redefines Gastronomy

Gorging Day

Another year has passed. My lovely boss took us all out for the team’s annual Gorging Day. Although not an actual holiday (it always falls on a work day), Gorging Day must occur a few days before the actual holiday (in this case, Christmas) and it must include pork. Our Gorging Day venue selection for … More Gorging Day