Michelle Lim of Mishventurer

Hello world!

I’m Michelle, nice to meet you. I have been blogging since 2008 and my blogs have gone through several changes in focus, themes and migrations. And now, here we are.

This site is essentially a travel blog, but I have since delved deeper into journaling and focusing on my art, so expect a combination of stuff here as I go along the way.

I fell in love with the Midori Traveler’s Notebook (MTN), got addicted to it and it is now an integral part of my life! My first blog post on this was when I showed the world my Osaka travel journal for the very first time. Since then, I have had several posts on journaling and I hope you would find all my journal related entries insightful & inspirational.

I’m a Freelance Creative living in Malaysia, who makes it a mission to travel to as many countries as possible without breaking the bank. My biggest dream is to travel to Los Angeles, California where the biggest Harry Potter theme park is. I grew up with the Harry Potter books and movies, and have since read and watched everything a lot of times. I’m a big fan, if you can’t tell! The only Potter Park I’ve been to was in Universal Studios Japan, but it was all in Japanese.

I have begun to seriously start working on my art (wishful thinking to be able to be part of an exhibition one day) since mid-2017, so I hope to document my endeavours here. I already have some artworks that you can purchase, if you’re into that sort of thing.

I hope you enjoy this little piece of me.

Love, peace and light
Michelle Lim

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