Face Halo: The Angel to my Makeup Removal Woes

I hate removing makeup. I have been looking for hassle-free and eco-friendly ways to do it for so long!

In the beginning, I used cotton pads and oil-based removers. It was always a hassle to have to keep buying bags of cotton, not to mention, how wasteful.

Later on, I loathed using oil-based removers so I decided to switch to makeup wipes – for the fact that I can even wipe and go to sleep immediately on tiring days. But even so, this is creating so much waste!

Then I got into micellar water and paired it with reusable cotton rounds. Less waste for the win! However, micellar water is really not the best product to remove a full face of makeup – it will take you FOREVER, and I’m in need of something easy, quick and effective.


For the uninitiated, Face Halo is a palm-sized makeup remover pad covered in a unique, patented material (like a fibrous cloth) on both sides. You only need to wet it under the tap and you can easily remove your makeup due to the fibrous strands – no makeup remover needed, just water!

It was all the rage in the west for some time, but I stumbled upon it by accident and I was immediately blown away by its simplicity. Granted, it’s not available in Malaysia (yet) and I had to order it online (a pack comes with 3 Face Halos) and ship it to my cousin in the US (it is a USD12 shipping to Malaysia) and wait another week for him to bring it home.

I was anxious to try it out and see the magic for myself.

When the time came, I was SO impressed. I had a full face of makeup on just for that purpose, and the moment it touches my face, almost 80% of the area it touched/wiped has taken the makeup off. It took me just under 2 minutes to wipe off all traces of makeup from face, eyes, lips and neck; using both sides of the pad and just water.

It’s best to sort of do pressing motions as you wipe the makeup off to ensure that you loosen the makeup. Be extra careful around your eyes, pressing too hard may cause lashes to fall off.

I took a quick IG story video to show you how quickly it takes off my eye makeup.

Now that you have a dirty Face Halo, what do you do? Just use a bar of soap and clean it – it magically becomes white again! You can even throw it into the washing machine but I don’t do that because I use softener with every wash and you cannot use softener on your Face Halo as it will coat the fibres and make it less effective. Another use I found for it is to use it as a mild exfoliator in the morning – just wet it and wipe in gentle circles all over my bare face. They also make a Body Halo if you want something bigger to exfoliate your body.

Now I’ve stopped using any sort of chemical makeup remover. Face Halo can remove almost all sorts of makeup, but may need some help with waterproof mascara (which I would suggest using an eye makeup remover specially formulated for that), but it works well in removing even my waterproof eyeliner and matte lipstick. It is now a staple in my skincare regime!

Seriously, I am majorly impressed! Is it worth the hype? 100%

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