Mish Balichorette 2019

What a whirlwind! My bachelorette trip to Bali just ended and I cannot be more grateful and happy with it. My bridesmaids have done such a great job at planning the itinerary and little surprises along the way, making it the perfect bachelorette getaway.

You know, it’s strange that in my younger years, I always thought that bachelorettes are meant to be crazy nights filled with male strippers or random guys, just as a last single hook-up thing to do. Too much American television maybe.. However the concept always got stuck in my head and as I got older, I cringe every time I hear the word ‘bachelorette’ because it just encompasses so many gross things that were NOT what I wanted in my life.

Was I nervous when my girls planned this bachelorette with so many “surprises” within? Yes, a little.

However, I always believe that they know me well enough to not plan any embarrassing bar nights decked in a white veil *cringe* or having to do shots off strangers… that sort of thing. And I was right. 💜

We enjoyed Bali, had good food, visited places, shopped, lazed by the beach and most importantly, had a good time and a freaking load of great Instagram photos. This is already my third time in Bali and I already miss it.

Instead of elaborating on every activity and food place we’ve been to like a regular travel post, I’ll just show you a compressed version of everything that went on in Bali in the form of photos (salvaged from my IG stories and posts).

“Count the Memories, not the Calories!”

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