Call me Mrs Moi❤️

Well okay, you can still call me Michelle.

Today, we tied the knot officially at the registrar office at Putrajaya, followed by a cosy little gathering in BLVD House right after with all our closest and best people. About a year ago, our proposal happened in Prague, in the middle of the legendary Charles Bridge and life has been nothing but a speeding bus of many things happening all at once – we still have a large wedding dinner party to throw at the end of the year as per traditional Chinese customs.

We cannot be happier and there’s just too many things I want to say but I don’t know where to start.

And since I can’t figure out what to say and thank you just feels too repetitive, I will talk about how we met.

That’s not too cheesy right?

Sometimes it’s almost overwhelming how we have come so far in just a wink of an eye – 7 years we’ve been together and we were friends for another 5 years prior. I can’t believe I’ve known my husband for 12 years now! He was a classmate of my best friend Nikki, and was one of the many friends I had made through her. We used to just hang out for food or go for drinks in between college assignments and exams, usually with our other friends in tow.

At times when I would finish my classes late, I would walk over to the Sunway Pyramid Mall next to my college which has an ice rink. Most nights he would be there playing ice hockey with his teammates, and I would be watching from above with some of my classmates. I used to tell them that one of the hockey boys there is my friend (although I had no idea which one is he as I do not know his jersey number).

We have both known and seen each other with other partners in those initial 5 years. There was even an incident where my ex threw a major tantrum over him sending me home – and literally drifted his car in front of us. We still laugh about it sometimes.

So, how did we go from friends to partners?

Or lovers, if you may.

He came home from his studies in Canada after a year abroad. Call it good timing, but we were both single at the time. Nikki called for a gathering to welcome him home and so it was like the old college times again with most of the gang together. I guess maybe we have both grown up and changed a little after a year – I noticed him and he noticed me. He had finally taken off the earrings he used to think were so cool (they were not) and have learnt to be more independent while abroad. He had always been a good person, but somehow he seemed to radiate more confidence and still has his affable sense of humor, and oh man – it was attractive to me.

I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

Our happy day brought on all sorts of old memories of our pre-couple days and it made me see how meant to be it was – it was just a matter of growing up and meeting again at the right timing.

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