What Can You Do With The Mini Midori | Traveler’s Company 10th Anniversary Edition

I never thought of purchasing the Traveler’s Company 10th Anniversary Edition can set when it first came out in 2016. Mostly because that was the year I learnt about the MTN and bought my first journal. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do with a mini journal – and I didn’t know enough about the company yet to care about their 10th anniversary.

However, over the course of 2016, I found myself purchasing not two but FOUR traveler’s notebooks in various sizes. And to date, the mini midori brings my collection to SIX journals in total.

You can definitely tell that I AM OBSESSED. I converted 3 people into MTN addicts as well.

So after 2 years since they launched the anniversary edition, I find myself longing to add to the collection so that I’d have all 3 sizes of notebooks in my collection. However, I was still unsure of what to do with it and whether I’m able to actually write in such a small space. It was a dilemma because I was supposed to be saving up for my wedding and home renovation… until I saw that they were on major discount. So I bought one, naturally.

I now have all 3 sizes for the brown journal, which is my favorite color of the lot.

It was a very fun purchase because the mini midori comes with a loose paper pack for you to assemble all the inserts together on your own. They even have mini book covers and the title page area with the box to write your book’s title. I even made a little customised book cover for one of the inserts. I was able to fit in 3 inserts into my mini midori – kraft, lined and blank. I took a video of the process:

Now comes the tough part – what should I do with it?

I asked people in a TN forum I am following and here are some ideas:

  1. Health/Period tracking
  2. Special memories
  4. Mini sticker collection
  5. Doodling
  6. Favorite things
  7. Contact book

They were all very useful ideas that I may one day try to incorporate as I finish my inserts. For now, what I did was a combination of ideas revolving around quotes, doodling and favorite things. I thought to myself – I’m going to collect a series of my favorite artists, their quotes and famous works!

Here is what I have done so far. I decided to use watercolor to illustrate my favorite artists’ works and it was so fun! Not the easiest thing, but really one of the best experiences. Because I was painting so small, I didn’t have to feel pressured about getting the famous works 100% accurate, but just the shape of it. The book isn’t finished yet, but here are some of the pages I’ve completed.

Do you have a mini midori? What have you done with yours?


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