Mish Turns 30!

I don’t really know why I’ve been putting off writing about turning 30. In a blog where I hardly ever talk about myself (devoted to my art, travels and occasional PR for products I love) – I sort of don’t know where to start… But anyways, since my birthday month is nearly ending, let’s just dive right into a quick post.

So, when I was in my early 20s, I had the idea of celebrating my thirties with a big bang – party, booze and all that jazz. Now that I’m actually thirty, all I really want is some good food and to celebrate with close friends and family. I find myself detesting big parties (I think I became like this since I turned 28, LOL) and spending energy to socialise with everyone. It sounds too tiring, not to mention, hosting duties.

I managed to have quite a wonderful birthday week – hi-tea by the lawn with my bestie, brunch with Leng, an early dim sum lunch the week before with Kelvin, dinner with JY and a separate dinner with my whole family. #foodislife

Look at this amazing cake my siblings and fiance got for me.

On another note, I also pondered on why women are so worried about turning thirty. It’s older than 26 for sure, but I think turning thirty is probably one of the main keystone in one’s life. Like, turning 21 was fun and all, but it was still a very confusing and indecisive time of one’s life.

It’s actually so amazing because it is at this age where I finally arrived at a place where I know what I want (most of the time), know how/when to say no, have the luxury of traveling every year, embrace my freckles, found happiness within myself, have a cat and man I love, appreciate family more than ever. Also, I get to enjoy it all the more because I’m not weighed down with kids! (michelle-1, society-0) #winningatlife

Maybe it’s also the time where I become more forgetful and have issues with aging skin and *gasp* slowing metabolism. However, I think you can’t escape these things no matter what, so why not embrace the best part of being thirty?

I think I’m one of the very few in my generation who’s like telling people “I’m thirty this year!” – as though I’m a kid turning a year older. Asian culture dictates that it’s something for women to be ashamed of, to be old. Nay, you may say. But it’s true. Before I was even thirty, my grandmother was already hinting about how old I’m getting (maybe to nudge me into getting married – coincidentally, I got engaged this year), in a sort of teasing manner, but also suggesting that you sort of lose a certain value the older you get. I get little nuances of these ‘thirty is old’ from my family members, even if they do not intentionally mean it, it’s like an ingrained habit to bemoan turning old.

Turning older is gold. You are wiser, you have more values and are more certainly a better person than you were in your early 20s. I always try to remind myself that not many people are this fortunate to be able to turn 30 in their life. It’s a bloody achievement, if you ask me.

Happy Birthday to me, and here are some photos, just because.

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