The Epic Prague Proposal

So… I just got home from my European trip – and I am ENGAGED! 💍

Still in utter disbelief that everything had happened, the moment went by so fast. The fiancè started planning a month ahead and made preparations where he bought the ring, hired a professional photographer in Prague and even planned out our 2-week holiday itinerary. 😍

I don’t often brag about things in life, but I really have to brag about this wonderful man who has gone above and beyond in all things related to our relationship – not just for this proposal but throughout the last 6 years we have been together. I definitely feel lucky to have known him for over 10 years now. We became friends in 2007 when he was classmates with my best friend in university and hung out quite a lot for drinks and club nights, and we’ve seen each other through almost every past relationship ups and downs that we both had.

I am truly blessed for a relatively drama-free relationship and am looking forward to the next stage of our lives. No marriage date set yet (leaving that to his mom and her feng shui master) – but I’m excited about the prospects of moving into our new apartment sometime this year. We are slated to get our key by mid-2018 (fingers crossed), so here’s hoping for a smooth renovation and move-in.

Okay so let’s just forget all of the above for a moment and enjoy the professionally taken engagement photos from Prague. Our photographer is George Hlobil and he and his wife Mikaela makes the perfect team – they are so good! Feel free to ask if you ever find a need for a wedding photographer in Prague.

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