Top 5 Reasons to get Your Cash Back with Shopback

Top 5 Reasons to get Your Cash Back with Shopback

Travel tickets and bookings are probably the only thing I (and everyone else) actively buy online. I mean, who goes all the way to the airport to purchase flight tickets, right?

So, sometimes you grab a good deal online, and sometimes you don’t. But what if I told you that you can get your money’s worth back in cash, no matter what sort of deal you get?

You see, ShopBack Malaysia provides cashback for your online travel purchases so you can always earn back some cash from whatever you spend. That usually means you get extra moolah for say: a boat ride in Halong Bay or a selection of various Taiwanese street food and even a ticket into the Parisian museums.

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Paris, France

So what are the top 5 reasons to love Shopback?

1. Cashbacks for all major booking sites
Shopback Malaysia has partnered up with all the big wigs of the travel world like Air Asia, Expedia, Agoda and so on. The percentages for each will vary, so you can easily compare the cashback rates on the home page before you decide which site to go with. I love how I can easily find the best AirAsia promos that would earn me good cash in addition to my trip.

2. Hassle-free cashback
All you need to do is click on your preferred merchant site and shop as usual. The rest is taken care of by the system. Within 48 hours, the cashback amount will be reflected in your Shopback account. After the 30-60 days are up (in case of returns/refunds, no cashback will be awarded), you can get your cash for more shopping!

3. You only need a RM10 minimum to cash out
Most places require you to spend spend spend to get a high-accumulation of cash before you can even cash out. With Shopback, the wait sits at the bare minimum of RM10 – so more often than not, you get your money back even quicker.

4. Use referral links to get more cash
As an additional benefit, when you sign up, you get a unique referral link from Shopback that you can share with friends & family – and if they sign up, you get extra cash in your pocket! It’s not a must for you to do so, but I think it’s definitely a great option to have.

5. Discounts + Cashback = #WINNING
Some affiliated sites not only offers cashback, but extra discounts as well – especially those travel sites. I find that usually have massive 50-70% discounts on offer. Check daily for the latest discount codes for your next getaway!

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