Gotta Love The Louvre

My Paris trip ends with a nice day spent at the Louvre Museum – the one museum that you need to visit at least once in your life! It’s massive, and I am realistic enough to know that I won’t be able to cover the entire place in just one day. Moreover, I was with my mom who’s not exactly an arts person – she would glide past most artworks after a quick glance, so it wasn’t an ideal trip for me to be poring over each artwork.

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Anyways, the place is HUGE! That said, there are definitely a lot of things to explore and also.. secret entrances. Here are some things you need to know:

  • Tickets are €15 for tourists.
  • Prepare for large crowds – especially tourists from China *groan*
  • The place is so vast that it’s possible to get lost – grab a map of the museum as soon as you buy your ticket!
  • There are a few secret entrances into the Louvre if you want to skip the long lines. I myself used the Carousel du Louvre entrance, but you can find more about the other secret entrances here.
  • The Mona Lisa has the largest crowd – and it is smaller than expected, so you really need to elbow your way to the front.
  • Don’t try to see it all in one day, you can’t. Purchase a 3-day pass if you really love museums.
  • The museum is connected to an underground mall, so shopping opportunities abound.
  • Read my Paris travel tips post.

Alrightey then, let’s get into the photos!

Louvre Museum Paris Louvre Museum Paris

This is the Carousel du Louvre – the secret entrance is a stairway hidden inside the arch.

Louvre Museum Paris Louvre Museum ParisLouvre Museum Paris

This is one of the open courtyards that can be found in each wing of the museum. Behold – an array of marble sculptures doing their most dramatic poses!

Louvre Museum Paris Louvre Museum Paris Louvre Museum Paris Louvre Museum Paris Louvre Museum ParisLouvre Museum Paris Louvre Museum Paris Louvre Museum Paris

One of the featured exhibits is Napoleon’s Apartment where they recreated his very lavish home. There were so much gilded gold decor and crystal chandeliers that I nearly went blind. There were a lot of red, lush velvet and silks too, set upon lounges and pouffes. Even if I had a billion dollars, I would never have my home done in such lavishness. (I wouldn’t mind some hand-painted cherubs on my ceiling, though).

Perhaps this was in an era where good taste means the best that money can buy – it was certainly beautiful in its own way.

Louvre Museum Paris Louvre Museum Paris Louvre Museum Paris Louvre Museum Paris Louvre Museum Paris

After that, sensing my mom’s restlessness with the many beautiful paintings surrounding us (too much a beauty makes the brain weary), we decided to get a quick look at the Mona Lisa. Except that it wasn’t exactly quick due to the large crowd, guards controlling the flow and the mass of bodies squeezing through a bottleneck to get to the Mona Lisa.

I’m proud to say I squeezed, elbowed and pushed my way through, grabbed a photo and took a few precious seconds to stare at it before I made my way out of the throng. The painting was smaller than expected, and it was protected behind a temperature-controlled glass panel. It was expected, but I didn’t feel as amazed as I thought I would. All I felt was “yay, one thing crossed off my bucket list”.

Louvre Museum Paris Louvre Museum Paris

She’s no Mona Lisa, but I found her very beautiful.

Louvre Museum Paris

And that wraps up the last of my Paris trip! Thank you so much for reading. If you missed out on the first few posts, go here.

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