Fashion Illustration Workshop with Venie Tee & Stabilo MY

In a collaboration between local fashion designer Venie Tee and Stabilo Malaysia, comes the #VTxStabiloMY workshop.

I love any sort of event that allows me to express myself, so this is the perfect sort of thing I enjoy. Held at Whup Whup Restaurant & Café, I am surprised to say that I’m only coming here for the first time today! The space is beautiful!

Whup Whup is a café ensconced in what used to be an old factory/warehouse. What this means is loads of old and naturally discoloured interiors, unfinished cement floors with metal and wood furniture arranged inside. There’s a beautiful arrangement of green, leafy plants inside with natural light streaking in. Minimalism meets hipster, and the food is just divine.

Venie Tee X Stabilo MY Venie Tee X Stabilo MY

They have a private room upstairs (which used to be the factory’s boardroom, I think) where they have set up the event space to conduct the workshop. Stabilo products everywhere!! I’m a sucker for stationery and drawing materials and like how a makeup addict hoardes lipsticks and palettes, I hoarde paints, colour pencils, pens, notebooks and so on.

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I also really love how they decorated the space with Venie’s fashion illustrations.

Venie Tee X Stabilo MYVenie Tee X Stabilo MY Venie Tee X Stabilo MYVenie Tee X Stabilo MY

So much concentration from everyone. Photo credits to Stabilo MY.

Venie Tee X Stabilo MY

She introduced herself and taught us a little on drawing human proportions and figures. For our ease, she had prepared some croquis (human figures) for us to draw & color on, using fashion images as references.

The lesson was more on how to capture the essence of a look – starting with the statement piece. She then teaches us how to draw the pleats, patterns and shapes of clothes on a human body, like how to give effect to tulle and give a fuller look to skirts.

Venie Tee X Stabilo MY Venie Tee X Stabilo MY

My feeble attempts.

Venie Tee X Stabilo MYVenie Tee X Stabilo MY

That’s me, surrounded by art. Photo credits to Stabilo MY.

The coloring session went on for hours – in between we had food breaks, but no food pics cos my hands were covered in ink. I think everyone had loads of fun seeing how we are all like-minded people who love a bit of art in our lives.

The Stabilo Pen 68 given to us from this session is amazing because its ink can be mixed with water for a spectacular watercolour effect. Much thanks to Venie for sharing her insights and methods with us, and also to the amazing Stabilo Malaysia team who were on our constant beck and call, and were so encouraging.

And now, the final results of my work…

Venie Tee X Stabilo MYVenie Tee X Stabilo MY

To see more from Stabilo Malaysia check out their Instagram page.
Venie Tee is on Instagram too!

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