Summertime Sparkle With Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown Summer Makeup

Summer is here, and it is your time to shine!

Let’s face it, the art of not overdoing your makeup is usually harder than it looks (trust me, I know). Which is why we should always select only the best color tones and shades that best suit and enhance our features.

The Bobbi Brown team had kindly sent over my summer pack – in a vibrant pink summer canvas holdall – that has everything a girl could need to shine with a summer glow this season. I am no makeup expert (you don’t have to be one to use Bobbi Brown!) but I have managed to apply everything I have learnt from the Makeup Lessons that can be learned at any Bobbi Brown outlet.

Look for the closest outlet to you for a complimentary Makeup Lesson (there’s a menu of lessons you can choose from) by the experts.

Here are what I love about these summer products:

I’ve got the chance to do my lips two ways – natural or pink!

Bobbi Brown Summer Makeup

  1. Art Stick in Brown Berry (RM93)
  2. Nourishing Lip Color in Cosmic Peony (RM95)

I am in love with the Art Stick! They have 6 ranges of colors from classic neutrals to bold brights. My Brown Berry Shade is a classic neutral and it is amazing – it’s a shade darker than my original lip color and it helps gives that famous Kylie Jenner lip look since it’s a beautiful brown shade. I use it for casual meetings and hang-outs cos it’s such an effortless style. Not only that, it is moisturizing yet long-wearing – gives me a creamy-matte finish which I love! (Comes with a handy jumbo sharpener to keep its point perfect at all times)

“PRO TIP: Your perfect lip color matches your natural lip color, or is one or two shades darker.”

As for the Nourishing Lip Color – I thought the bright pink wasn’t my thing. I was apprehensive in trying it to be honest. However, the color applied onto my lips were darker than what it looks like on the tube and it’s probably one of the few pink shades I do like! This is the most moisture-rich lip color I have ever used, which didn’t require me to even apply my lip balm over it, my lips didn’t even dry out.


Line, shadow and sparkle for summertime!

Bobbi Brown Summer Makeup

  1. Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Malted Pink (RM103)
  2. Beach Nudes Sunkissed Eye Palette in Sunkissed Gold (RM186)
  3. Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Midnight Sky Ink (RM93)
  4. Ultra Precise Eyeliner Brush (RM110)

I love stuff from the Long-Wear range – they last practically all day (tried and tested) and have also been used extensively by female athletes around the world who also tried out the #longwearlifeproof effects of this range. This Cream Shadow Stick is something I recommend for long hours at work meetings or travels. It is so lightweight and creamy that your eyes won’t feel flaky – and this Malted Pink shade is perfect on its own for everyday use. Also, I really like the swivel-stick format it comes in, so handy!


>> You can recreate the famous Adele winged-eyeliner with this tutorial here <<

The Sunkissed Gold Eye Palette is amazinggggg! Everything in this palette is both neutral and glittery – so you can play with a light day-time look and even a sultry night-time. It’s very versatile and the color combo is perfect for summer. What I love best is the luxe, pink-copper compact case it comes in, with a nice magnetic clasp that’s not even noticeable.

As for the Gel Eyeliner, the long-wearing formula is amazing, lasts even after I had gone swimming. It’s Midnight Sky Ink is not really dark to be honest (I have other eyeliners which are really black) but it gives a very soft look that not many black eyeliners can give. I also bought the Ultra Precise Eyeliner Brush just so I can try this out, and it works like a charm. The brush is awesome too because it comes with it’s own cover – no more staining the inside of your makeup bag!

Last but not least – a detoxing mask to remove impurities.

Bobbi Brown Summer Makeup

  1. Instant Detox Mask (RM177)

I have tried this mask previously and I can once again, swear to its amazing effects! You only need to apply a light layer and leave it to dry for a mere 2-5 minutes, allowing the Hawaiian Sea Water & White Clay works its magic. What I like best about this detox mask is that as it dries, you will find that there are some darker spots that indicates the oiliest parts of your face – so you know which area could use less moisturizer!

So, what are you waiting for? Go on to Bobbi Brown’s counters and get your summer on!

Find the nearest outlet to you within Malaysia here.
For more Bobbi Brown inspiration, find them on Instagram!

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