Bobbi Brown’s SS16 Beauty Tools For Perfect Skin

It was just a few months back when I met Claudia Kim, the gorgeous face of the first ever Asian Avenger ambassador for Bobbi Brown.

The brand is now set to introduce their series of SS16 beauty tools to help us all get ready for the coming Spring season (well, it’s technically a hot & humid summer that’s upon us now).

Held in Alexis Bistro in BSC, the setting was intimate and very fresh. Each of us have a wooden crate of beauty items sitting in front of us, with a potted succulent. Along the table were various palettes and beauty tools laid out for all of us to play with. I was sitting in front of a particularly large plate of lipsticks!

Bobbi Brown SS16 Bobbi Brown SS16Bobbi Brown SS16 Bobbi Brown SS16

Girls being girls, we were all creating lip colour swatches over our hands, opening palettes and playing with the brushes and shadow palettes. Luckily for us, the Bobbi Brown team has the foresight to place some makeup removers and cotton squares on the table for us.

Felix Nguyen, Assistant Education Manager and Makeup Artist for Bobbi Brown Asia Pacific, was our key presenter for the day. He walked us through the new products, and provided some really great makeup advice. He has a wonderfully in-depth knowledge of makeup (especially in Bobbi Brown’s products) and this is his advice on getting the perfect skin:

“It is about getting the colour right. It should look like you are not wearing anything.” – Felix Nguyen

Bobbi Brown SS16

That said, we come back to the newly launched Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Cushion Compact SPF 50 PA+++. I must say, I was never a big fan of foundation – it is heavy, a lot of work to clean it out after, it doesn’t always look natural (like wearing an obvious skin-mask) and when I travel, it can be severely bothersome and bad for skin.

The Cushion Compact is a different ball game altogether. It comes in this nifty little compact case with an applicator sponge. That’s not the best part.

If you flip the sponge holder open, you will find a circular holder – it’s empty for now – where you can insert little capsules of the foundation of your choice. Tearing the lid of each capsule, you will find a spongey surface with a little dot in the centre where the foundation comes out of. Just use the applicator and press upon it to get a good & even distribution.

P3251410 P3251423

Now the foundation comes in 6 shades, ranging from light to dark and they seem to be very well-suited for Asian skin. Of course, Bobbi Brown will be developing more colours to suit women all over the world.

A team of makeup artists sprung in to help us all find our perfect foundation shade – mine was Light.

The magic of the Cushion Compact is that it blends very nicely into the skin, making you look like you’re not wearing anything and yet you will have an amazingly even skin tone which glows with a healthy sheen – very much like the coveted Korean look (just look at the poster of Claudia Kim for Bobbi Brown – your skin will look exactly like that!)

It is also very light, so it really doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a skin-mask. I am in love! This is probably one of those rare times when I find an affinity with a makeup product and would make it a part of my beauty regime. And hey, it has SPF 50 which is a major plus!

The Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Cushion Compact SPF 50 PA+++ is now available in all Bobbi Brown stores nationwide, retailing at RM185 each.

Next, we come to Bobbi Brown’s new range of masks. There are 3 variants in total; Instant Detox Mask, Skin Nourish Mask and Radiance Boost Mask. Each of these masks have their own unique qualities, depending on what you’re looking for. They all smell pretty awesome, so I believe they would all appeal to anyone.

Bobbi Brown SS16

The Skin Nourish Mask is a concoction of Coral Grass and Green Algae, which is super light and yet, moisturising. Felix himself uses it on all his long-haul flights, claiming that it helps keep the skin fresh throughout. It is a lovely light pink cream, and comes in a crease-able pink foil packaging. This is the only mask of the range that doesn’t require rinsing off.

The Radiance Boost Mask comes in a white foil and its cream has superfine walnut grains in it that allows you to exfoliate your skin and rinse off to reveal fresh, bright skin. This one smells simply divine (I think it’s the walnut?)

Last of all is the grey Instant Detox Mask, which I tried out. The mask is grey (of course) and it is very much like your traditional mud mask – except that it’s better. I find the smell very pleasant, and the texture is thick but not heavy. You only need to apply a light layer and leave it to dry for a mere 2-5 minutes, allowing the Hawaiian Sea Water & White Clay works its magic. What I like best about this detox mask is that as it dries, you will find that there are some darker spots that indicates the oiliest parts of your face.

The verdict? My face definitely feels much smoother and pores are much refined.

The Bobbi Brown masks are now available in all Bobbi Brown stores nationwide, retailing at RM177 each.


The sharing session ended with a big hearty, healthy feast. The Bobbi Brown team outdid themselves with the founder’s philosophy of always eating healthy and caring for your health. Platters of green salads, fruits, pancake and tortilla and hummus alongside a bowl of honeyed muesli. It was the biggest brunch I ever had, and those were just the appetisers. A plate of rocket, salmon and eggs and chicken sandwiches were brought out later on as our mains.

Bobbi Brown SS16 Bobbi Brown SS16 Bobbi Brown SS16

All of these amazing Bobbi Brown beauty tools are now readily available in every store nationwide for you to achieve perfect skin. Drop on by and get the aid of their talented makeup artists to help you out – they give pretty great makeup lessons.

Find the nearest outlet to you within Malaysia here.
For more Bobbi Brown inspiration, find them on Instagram!

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