Travel To South Africa On A Plate Of Nando’s

It is no secret that Nando’s special peri-peri sauce originates from South Africa, and is very beautifully introduced into the restaurant’s Portugese-style cuisine.

I love Nando’s sauces – they are definitely unique.

Recently, they launched their #CutiCutiAyam campaign which entails a ‘trip’ to South Africa – in which their restaurants are all decked out in African-elements in terms of colours and cultural decor. The menu for this initiative entails either a Trip for 4 or a Trip for 8 – a special menu for a limited time. We’ll talk about what the menu offers later on.

Nando’s kindly sent me a special #CutiCutiAyam package that came in a cute little hand-luggage! How cute is that?

Nando's cuti-cuti ayam

Inside the package are gifts – both for me and my Instagram followers. If you’ve already seen my Instagram post, you have until the end of today to submit your entry (in the form of a comment). Some of the items included are South African paper masks, a hemp-printed luggage tag which I find really adorable, two Nando’s tees and vouchers in the form of colourful postcards. Oh, and there were two bottles of special sauce too which I’m giving away to my Instagram winners.

Nando's cuti-cuti ayam Nando's cuti-cuti ayam Nando's cuti-cuti ayamNando's cuti-cuti ayam

Part of the package was the Trip for 4 voucher which I kindly shared with my mom and sister. This set includes a whole chicken, 2 soups, 4 bottomless drinks, 4 sidelines, a platter of sweet potato fries and 4 chocolate crunch rolls for dessert. It was pretty much a recipe to being a stuffed turkey – I ate so much I could hardly move after. The meal was so, so good. I loved the sweet potato fries, they should just consider making it the staple fries for sidelines.

Nando's cuti-cuti ayam Nando's cuti-cuti ayam Nando's cuti-cuti ayam Nando's cuti-cuti ayam

Thank you Nando’s for such a wonderful meal! It is quite a trip!

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