Travel Planner Printable For Single Trips – It’s Free!

Hey travellers! To celebrate Mishventurer going into the new year with its spanking new rebrand, I have decided to give you guys a FREE printable travel planner. This simple planner is suitable for single trips to one destination.

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Before I explain the mechanics of how to use it, please note that there are two versions of this planner:

– Free to download and use, over and over again.
– Consists of 3 pages that can help you to plan your trip effectively, from budget to itinerary.

– Also free to download and use, over and over again – but only available exclusively to my blog’s subscribers. The PDF download link will be emailed directly to your inbox if you have already subscribed to me.
– The planner consists of 10 pages that can help you to plan your trip effectively, from budget to itinerary, with a detailed day-to-day planning section.

FREE Travel Planner Printable PDF

This planner focuses on helping you plan your budget, keep information on hand (like flight time, etc) and schedule your itinerary. I kept the design simple, but pretty, so that you do not have to get stuck with a boring planner, and there are plenty of writing space for you to scribble your notes. There are unlimited ways to use this planner, and the beauty of it is that you can always reprint as many times as you like for each trip.

Let me just briefly share with you how you can maximise this planner, and make the most out of your trip.
Note: I do not condone keeping personal/sensitive information in your planner, in case you lose it. Keep it simple.

The first page focuses on your trip’s budget – which I think is very important when planning to go anywhere, even if it’s within your home country. I have prepared 2 columns for your budget – one is for the initial estimate based on your research, and the second is for the actual amount paid/prepared. Why does this matter? Because it helps you plan your financials well before the trip, to avoid overspending.

FREE Travel Planner Printable PDF

The second page serves more as a place to keep your flight times & dates (those are the things we tend to forget most often, no?) without giving away too much information in case you lose your planner. For example, write down your hotel name, but not your room or floor number. I’ve also included a little checkbox, to remind you to print all your itineraries and hotel bookings.

At the bottom, I have also taken the liberty of adding a section to list down all the must-try restaurants recommended by friends, family or TripAdvisor. Just have fun with it and scribble down places you want to try – and cross out each one once you have tried them.

FREE Travel Planner Printable PDF

On page three, we have your itinerary overview where you can either write simple snippets with timestamps, or just write a brief summary of where you went on that day. You can even opt to put the date & day in under ‘Day 1’ so that you will never lose track of it during your travels. There’s also a blank bar at the bottom for extra notes – addresses/numbers or reminders.

Make the planner work for you in the best way possible – there’s no right or wrong in using it. Feel free to scribble, doodle or just simply scrawl all over it, even on the white space.

FREE Travel Planner Printable PDF

If you’re a subscriber of Mishventurer, then you will get the Full Version which has an additional bonus of 7 pages for your day-to-day planning. It is much more detailed than the Itinerary Overview, you will be able to plan all your days from day to night. Your day starts at 4am, in case you are an early riser or a hiker, and go well on until 12am.

There are gaps in between the times, for you to fill and use, when necessary. Just leave it blank if any of your day’s activities overlaps across certain times. Again, you can be creative with your day planner, there’s loads of white space to doodle and scribble on. You can even stick ticket stubs or name cards there.

FREE Travel Planner Printable PDF

IMPORTANT: This travel planner is free for you to use as much as you like, but it is free for personal use only. Please do not distribute, copy or republish the travel planner above. If you would like to share it on your website/blog, please remember to link back to me and give credit where it’s due. Aside from that, if you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to comment below or drop me an email. 🙂

Download the Travel Planner Printable – LITE VERSION

FREE Travel Planner Printable PDF

I hope you find this travel planner useful, and that your travels would be enriched by using this. Remember to subscribe to my blog for future downloads and printables – always FREE!

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