Mayfield Lavender Farm’s Purple Power

Mayfield lavender farm

My mom and aunt were super excited about this trip because… well, a big field of flowers is a dream come true for them, haha! I have to admit, I knew the Mayfield Lavender Farm is a huge field, but I didn’t think that it would be this BIG. I am impressed.

I guess we were kinda lucky to be there during summer because the lavender were all in full, purple power bloom and there were bees buzzing everywhere. It was really nice, though. I never really liked the smell of lavender because they are always too overpowering for my nose to handle. However, in a big open field, the smell of lavender is much more subdued and also naturally pleasant.

Mayfield lavender farm

We walked from end-to-end, just enjoying the breeze and scented air. There were a few gazebos conveniently erected all around for tourists to take photos in – and there were loads of tourists. It is summer after all, and today was one of the warmest days we had, unlike the time I was busy freezing in Edinburgh & Lake District’s cold summer. We just came from our brief trip down at Canterbury for Chris’ graduation, so it is really nice to have the sun welcome us back to the Central area (although Mayfield is technically 20 miles away from Central London).

We drove, as I mentioned in our UK travel tips post (read it if you are planning to rent a car) and it was fairly easy to get to using Google Maps. However, if you are relying on public transport, one direct way to get there is using the bus. Look for the 166 route and stop at Oaks Park (the stop is right outside the farm’s gate).

Mayfield lavender farm Mayfield lavender farm Mayfield lavender farm Mayfield lavender farmMayfield lavender farm

I even met Singaporean blogger, Sophie Willocq, here. She’s really nice! She made me look like a hobbit too.

Mayfield lavender farm

Did I mention that they also have a mini lavender store selling everything lavender, and a café right next to the field? Upon entering the parking lot, we need to pay a £1 fee, but that is redeemable at the café when you purchase food for over £5. The ladies went a little crazy over the lavender scented soaps, towels, hand creams, lotions… basically, lavender-scented-everything. Real stalks of lavender are on sale too! I am not really a fan of lavender, but I decided to buy this tiny scented pouch filled with real lavender, for about £2. It worked really nicely in keeping my luggage smelling nice. 🙂

As for the café, I love it! They have these awesome lavender scones which are delicious and peppered with real lavender. Each bite gives a burst of flavour – I never knew lavender could taste so good. The juices sold there are also infused with the flower, and most of their cookies and cakes too. Very pleased with the food and weather on this day!

Mayfield lavender farmMayfield lavender farm

Later on, we drove towards Salisbury (pronounced as Sals-bur-ry) to visit this family who took care of Chris for a while when he was interning in the area. I won’t be posting photos of their house and children in respect of their privacy, but it was a really nice place.

On our way there, we stopped by Stonehenge. According to Chris, it used to allow visitors with cars to drive by, stop and view it from a nearby road. However, they have since blocked off all roads and built a huge visitors centre which charges everyone a ridiculous £18 just to enter the vicinity, and walk around the barrier surrounding it. We did the #typicalasian thing, and stopped really far off a farm driveway, and used our tele-zoom lens to capture images of it. We parked by this farm with weird black balls scattered around it. Bales of hay I suppose?

One of the wonders of the world has now been crossed off my list. From afar, but it still counts I think. 😀

Stonehenge Mayfield lavender farm Mayfield lavender farm

Later on, we had dinner in a place in Salisbury, before making a manic drive home to London, again. Some of the roads were under construction, which lead to us having to take quite a few detours. We got home pretty late (past midnight), and my uncle practically collapsed onto the bed from exhaustion.

We spent the next few days visiting the museums in London, which I will elaborate further in the next post. (PSSST, if you’re a fan of the late Alexander McQueen, I’m sure you’d like to hear all about his exhibition.) Until then!

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