H&M Studio SS/2016 For The Adventurous Gal

I was just sending an email to all of my contacts to announce the birth of Mishventurer when lo and behold, I got an email regarding the H&M Studio SS/2016 collection that features a lookbook on how to be chic & stylish when looking for an adventure. Umm, yes please?

Always exploring, always glamorous, always on an adventure – that’s their tagline. How apt!

The collection is all about taking every opportunity that comes all season long. The freedom of a bohemian chic is represented in all the easy, breezy prints, throw-on layers mixed with the bliss of an endless beach summer!

“H&M Studio for spring/summer 2016 is an adventure in style. Our girl is always exploring, whether she’s on the city streets or on the trip of a lifetime. She mixes function with femininity, sportswear with pieces for a party, and whatever she wears she always looks effortless.” – Pernilla Wohlfahrt, H&M’s head of design.

HM Studio SS16

The materials are everything comfy and hardy, from silk to linen and cotton to leather. I am in love with the sunny and bright colours that makes the entire look so carefree and sexy! I could imagine wearing this to a place like Cambodia, or even to beach islands like Boracay. 🙂

They even got Moa Bartling, H&M’s print designer to share a few of her gorgeous sketches for us to see! It’s so pretty ❤ I love her use of colours and white space to amplify the effects of the textures. Makes you want each and every piece you can get your hands on!

HM Studio SS16

The collection will be available at H&M Lot 10 from 25 February 2016. Get ready for a chic adventure!

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