Bali Food Journal

It took me a very long time to finish writing and editing images from my Bali trip, but this here is FINALLY, the last post. My London trip that happened in July sort of delayed me as I wasn’t keen on bringing my Macbook Air along with me on the trip, for obvious reasons.

After writing about the fun stuff you can do in Bali to the amazing temples that can be found here, I want to show you some of the delicious food we managed to find here. Bali is famous for its pork and duck dishes, seafood as well, and I think a lot of credit goes to their use of herbs to season and for the sauces. If you are keen on heading to Bali for this very reason, well, I can tell you that you will not regret it! But first, read my post on travel tips when in Bali.

We chanced upon this place on our way to the beach (as you can see, there’s a sign right outside the restaurant that points to the beach) which was a mere 5 minute walk from this place. It was breakfast time, so we decided to have their pancakes and a nasi goreng spesial (special fried rice) and it was a really nice start to our holiday. 🙂 The food wasn’t special, but the portions were generous and the meal tasted real good. A lovely place for a bite before you hit the waves. (Also a good place to spot cute surfer dudes *wink*)
Where: Jl. Bene Sari no. 16, Kuta, Bali 80361, Indonesia





As far as seafood goes, Crab Bar in Bali serves one of the bigger, more delicious crabs in town. The seafood comes in various packages and we picked a mixed package which has crab, yuppies, prawns, corn and sausages. The sauce was definitely on point and all of the seafood were cooked in a bag with the sauce to give it a concentrated flavour. The food is then poured out onto a banana leaf (you can see a glimpse of the action in our Bali Vlog) when they serve it, with a side of fried buns (mantou) and sesame chicken wings. Verdict? It was all so good, we cleaned up the entire platter with relish. It is definitely a little more expensive than most seafood places, but it’s really worth it. Oh, and their spicy wings are also awesomesauce – my boyfriend loves them.
Where: Jl. Batu Belig no. 106, Seminyak, Bali 80361, Indonesia






We never expected to find good Japanese fare in Bali – BUT WE DID! And in Kuta too! Okay so this place was a minute away from our hotel, and we decided to give it a try because we love Japanese food. I wasn’t expecting much, but it was so good, the sashimi was fantastic because the fish was so fresh and the sushi was very well done. And to top it all off, it was so cheap! I got an amazing sushi platter for so much less than what I would pay here in Malaysia for sub-par sushi. One of the best Japanese meals I’ve had in my life.
Where: Jalan Legian 14, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia


The place for BBQ pork ribs. It was pretty good and I loved the sauce and how tender the meat is. Served with either rice or fries, this place is swarming with tourists when we entered. It seems to be really popular and rightly so. They only serve pork ribs here, so there isn’t much choice for people who do not eat pork or vegetarians, so just be sure that your party does not include anyone with specific diets before you come here.
Where: JI. Uluwatu II, Bali, Indonesia




As part of our tour package, we finished our Kecak Dance show at Uluwatu, and then head over to Jimbaran Bay for a seaside dinner. There were so many seafood restaurants, I am not too sure what our restaurant was called, but it’s one of the lot. Everyone dines by the beach and I hear that at sunset, it is very lovely. Unfortunately for us, the Kecak Dance show starts at sunset, so our dinner was candlelit (but a little too dark). The food comes in a large set of crabs, clams, fish and various other seafood. The sauces were nice but the seafood were not as fresh as they should be. There was a live band (of 5 men) going around to serenade guests table-by-table. Just be sure to leave them a nice tip.
Where: Jimbaran Bay beach, Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia





This was perhaps one of the things I looked forward to try during this trip – and was thoroughly disappointed with! This place came highly recommended, but unfortunately, it wasn’t very good. Babi guling, or roasted pork is a very popular dish here in Bali, and there are many places that serve this celebrated dish. Ibu Oka was a top recommendation so we were pretty bummed that when we had our fill, the pork crackling was hard and wasn’t very flavourful. The rice and sauce was bland, and there’s so many flies! It wasn’t an enjoyable experience. A lot of visitors have also expressed their disappointment on TripAdvisor.
Where: Jl. Suweta/Tegal Sari no. 2, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia



UMMM, PROBABLY THE BEST PLACE EVER! I think out of all my food trips, this is probably one of the VERY best. Food was amazing and the surrounding atmosphere.. divine! Okay so the name Bebek Tepi Sawah literally translates into Duck By The Paddy Field or it’s new name Bebek Bengil which translates to Dirty Duck Diner. The restaurant (this is the Ubud branch) is right next to a sprawling paddy field, and there is a nice breeze and scent of grass around. They are famous for their fried duck – which is the best I ever had! It’s crispy, it’s bones are so crunchy and meat so tender, and the sauces served together were just amazing! I was so crazy over this meal that we found another branch in Kuta (but without the paddy field) just to have a last taste before we head off to the airport. It is that good! You should probably come to the Ubud branch for the whole experience, the restaurant is so lovely!
Where: Jl. Raya Goa Gajah, Ubud, Bali 80571, Indonesia








This pretty much sums up my meals in Bali – the good and the not-so-great. Let me know what you think, or if you have different experiences in some of the restaurants I mentioned here. Would like to know!

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