Playing With Colours At Number76 Publika

My hair had always been the part of me that undergoes various experiments – from short to long, bleach and dip dyes – it’s gone through a lot!

Over the last 2 months, it had undergone colour changes that really made me love and appreciate my hair more – and also receive more compliments.  It was all thanks to Number 76 Salon, which is one of the rapidly growing Japanese salons in Malaysia that helped the crazy ‘unicorn hair’ trend go viral amongst us Malaysian girls.

During my first visit, I got Director Sato (who is seriously one of the best – and he’s Japanese, and good-looking) to give me a special ash ombre look. It took 4 hours of bleaching and colouring with treatment as well, but it was extremely gorgeous. The colour was on point, and the curls that Sato created for the final result really highlighted all the different hues in my ombre do.I went back to get an additional round of treatment as my hair was really dry from the bleaching. Treatment is VERY important for coloured hair! Number 76 has this unique Ultrasonic Treatment that I’ve reviewed before here – which uses a vibration technology to help infuse the treatment creams even deeper into the hair follicles for longer lasting smoothness.

I personally find that my hair’s health and colour maintains better when I do at least one Ultrasonic Treatment a month.

My gorgeous ombre hair followed me around for about a month or so, but because it was bleached, the ash colour soon started turning yellow (the yucky bleach colour) and was also getting really dry. Any hairstylist will tell you that bleaching your hair is a very big risk because it really damages your hair, no matter how many rounds of treatment it undergoes. It really requires proper care, like careful brushing and regular conditioning and treatment with the right products as well.

Luckily for me, before the ombre really yellowed out, I got the talented team at Number 76 to create a few simple styles and blowouts for my event days – and it certainly got everyone asking “where did you do your hair?” every single time. It makes me so proud of all their hard work! Hair styling looks easy but it takes a lot of care and work. Look at the lovely braid Hikky, yet another talented Japanese hairstylist, gave me!


So beautiful while it lasted!!
Anyways, because the yellowish hair was bothering me so much, I decided to do something else with it – like a pink ombre! I kept the crown of the head dark ash brown which Sato had originally given me, and recoloured the bottom parts of my hair which were the most yellow.
Fung of Number 76 Publika is yet another talent when it comes to colour – he bleached the bottom edges of my hair silver, and artfully bleached a little off the mid-section area of my hair as well. This amount of bleaching called for another Ultrasonic Treatment before the colouring process. Instead of just going plain pink, Fung added in some tiny purple streaks to give my hair a little effect and illusion of colour. I SWEAR, IT’S GENIUS! My hair never looked this beautiful in pink!


So pretty right? I know it’s vain to call my own hair pretty, but it seriously never looks this good when I do it myself. But when it comes to Number 76, I never worry because I always walk out the door looking & feeling fabulous.
If you’re looking to get your hair done by any of the stylists mentioned above (Sato, Hikky or Fung), drop them a line and get ready to have Instagram-worthy hair!
Number76 Publika, 
A1-G2-2, Solaris Dutamas, 
No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur
+603 6201 2776 / 3776

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