Bobbi Brown’s First Asian Ambassador Works With The Avengers!

That caught your attention, didn’t it?

I kid you not! Bobbi Brown has stolen the spotlight from all the other makeup brands in Asia when they chose Claudia Kim to be their new face. You might remember her from The Avengers, Age Of Ultron as the scientist, Dr Helen Cho, who works with Iron man and the Hulk. *gasp*

Even before she had shot to international fame, Claudia was a hit in Korea, appearing in various TV shows and movies there. She has since become quite a hit in the US after her appearance in the ever-popular Marvel movie.

I was so thrilled when Bobbi Brown gave me this exclusive chance to meet her in person!

We gathered in the Bobbi Brown store in Mid Valley where we waited anxiously for her to arrive. While waiting, Bobbi Brown were kind enough to give me a shopping voucher (worth RM80) to use in their store while I wait.

I browsed through and talked to a few makeup professionals there to see what my skin needed the most. Not makeup, apparently. I have a massive freckle issue, which stemmed from my lack of knowledge in using sunscreen protection. “What? I though we only need sunscreen for the beach! I don’t even see the sun sometimes because I’m stuck in an office all day!” That was my argument. But the makeup consultant told me that even when we drive, UV rays can creep in from the windows even if I drive a heavily tinted vehicle.

So, I got myself a special Bobbi Brown sunscreen that has SPF50. This is way more than my usual SPF30 at the beach. Maybe I should look into that..



While waiting for Claudia.. omnomnomnomnom..

The time came for Claudia to make an appearance and she is absolutely gorgeous in person, and so tall!! She looked even taller in her 5-inch sparkly heels, but she is really beautiful in person. I see why Bobbi Brown thinks she should be the first Asian ambassador. She is graceful and sweet and speaks very good English with a slight American tint. A short makeup tutorial was given by her Korean makeup artist who had done her glowing, dewy, all natural look. Her tips were very simple and she uses a lot of Bobbi Brown’s natural browns and beiges to create this look.

And right after, photo op! She spoke to each and every one of us (and there were so many of us) and she is so accommodating. Look how Hobbity I am standing next to her!


Thanks for the gifts +Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Speaking of ambassadors, their Western ambassador is currently still the gorgeous Kate Upton, and they are running a #LuxeLip feature competition to get into the Bobbi Brown gallery of fame. Check out these cool #LuxeLip entries on Instagram and hashtag your own Luxe Lip look to be part of the fun! The Luxe Lip range is now available in all Bobbi Brown stores at RM107 per gorgeous colour!


Once again, thank you Bobbi Brown for this amazing opportunity!


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