Gimme More, MORCO!

Another lovely coffee & pastry establishment has been added to the map! Rejoice coffee enthusiasts!

MORCO Coffee launched its brand spanking new artisan coffee & pastry shop in the bustling confines of Publika. The decor is warm, cosy and worthy of the hipster community’s approval. Upon walking in, the scent of freshly baked goods and chocolate-coated-something draw me into an exciting, hunger driven stupor. I stopped by the cake & pastry displays and wanted to try everything!



Of course, I got a grip on myself. But I waited almost impatiently as the cafe staff prepared the pastries over wooden platters, ready to be devoured. I ordered a latte, and was pleasantly surprised by the mild taste, and interesting flavours, finishing off on a fruity note and no aftertaste. I haven’t had coffee like that since my trip to Melbourne, so this is a big thumbs up from me! It is pretty much due to their variety of coffee brewing styles that ranges from Chemex, Aeropress and V60 pour over. If you’re a barista, you’d probably understand those terms more than I do.

The pastries finally made an appearance and I took one big delectable bite into this chocolate-covered pastry – which is rich and decadent. It was a little too much chocolate for me, but it was so good. My blogger friend, Juniper, has a go at the ham-filled pastry and she commented that it is a definite MUST try. I couldn’t after that huge pastry, but you can take her word for it. Some chatting and a little rest later, MORCO’s CEO Matthew Chong gave his customary speech to much applause, as he shared with us MORCO’s philosophy of passion and love that made it a reality.


A quick session of latte art commenced as the master baristas showed us how to create a simple ‘leaf’ latte art with just a jar of frothed milk, and a whole lot of hand-skills. Some of the other guests gave it a try – but it was obviously so much harder than it looks.



After a quick group photo session, we settled down to have our main course which is from a series of food named, The Myth of Sharing. It’s basically a sharing platter. It is a delightful breakfast platter, The Big Breaky, with all the good things you can expect for brunch. The scrambled eggs were perfectly done and so were the mushrooms. All in all, it was a meal I enjoyed very much.

So if you ever find yourself in the need of a good cuppa, or to satisfy a sweet tooth, you know where to go!

MORCO The Artisan Coffee & Pastry Co.
Publika Shopping Gallery
A2-G2-3A, Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur


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