Kiss On The Lips With Burt’s Bees New Lip Range

If I have not raved enough yet, Burt’s Bees is one of the most amazing, all-natural brands out there – and they are striving to expand their range to suit any woman (or man) out there. From royal jelly products to harnessing hydration from a desert plant, there is no shortage of inspiration from Mother Nature to allow Burt’s Bees to do what they do best.

This time around, a bunch of us lucky gals were invited to their Make Your Lips Smile Blogger Party, to play with their lip-products – featuring the new Lip Crayon and the Lip Shine range. (PSST! There is also a special discount promo for all my readers. Deets at the bottom!)

Held at the cosy ensconce of M Marini Caffè, we dabbled in lip transformations surrounded by luxurious marble tables, a mock-statue of David and gilt-covered decor. We were served canapés which we wished we had more of. The setting definitely emulates the la dolce vita sophistication, if just for that moment.




The new products are one of the best the brand has rolled out yet. The Creamy Matte Lip Crayon is handy and comes in irresistible shades. They come in enticing shades of Carolina Coast, Napa Vineyard, Niagara Overlook, Redwood Forest, Sedona Sands and Hawaiian Smolder. I especially like its smooth texture and pencil-like application, which makes it so much easier to apply, even without a lip brush.

You can also twist the bottom to push out more of the product when it has worn down with use, and there’s quite a lot of it so one crayon can probably last you a long time. My only quip with this is that the crayon-like texture, smooth as it may be, does not apply well onto dry/chapped lips. You must first use a lip balm to create a smooth canvas before applying the crayon onto your lips, to ensure even distribution. Nonetheless, my favorite shade is the one I tried on below, Napa Vineyard. Dark red is so sexy!

The new Lip Shine, Lip Gloss and Lip Shimmer is also just as impressive, as they complement the Lip Crayon shades perfectly! The Lip Gloss is rich and pearlescent, which comes in 12 shades, packaged in a typical lip gloss applicator tube. Going for a less ‘glossy’ look but with a more toned-down shine? Then opt for the Lip Shine, these babies comes in 6 shades and is applied from a squeezy tube. They deliver a decent shine, without leaving your lips looking overly oily – perfect for daytime events!

Last but not least, for a subtle touch, use Lip Shimmer. The colors are more luminescent and works well against a base lip color or none at all. They come in 12 lip-smacking shades and are the best for daily use.


Make-up extraordinaire Polly, gave us some tips on layering the colors for a specific look or theme. Everything, from garden-parties to work – a gorgeous look can be crafted with Burt’s Bees lip range.

#TIP: Match the shades of a Lip Crayon with a similar one from the Lip Gloss, and you will have gorgeous, pouty lips in less than a minute! (For sexy red siren lips: The Napa Vineyard Lip Crayon + Summer Twilight Lip Gloss)

If you are keen on giving these shades a try, head on over to any Burt’s Bees outlet and try them out. The retail prices are as follows: Lip Crayon (RM81.50), Lip Gloss (RM81.50), Lip Shine (RM65.80) and Lip Shimmer (RM43.50). For the month of June, you guys get a discount too, read on!

Okay readers, there is a special 20% discount promo for all of you! Just head to any Burt’s Bees store and repeat this promo #bbmakeyourlipsmile to get your discount. 🙂 This promo is valid until 30th June 2015, so make your way over right now! Enjoy, your lips deserve it.

4 thoughts on “Kiss On The Lips With Burt’s Bees New Lip Range

  1. seriously LOVE hearing about this new line because i love burts bees and was just thinking i need a new set!



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