Diptyque Paris, Master Of Bespoke Scents

At a recent Diptyque Masterclass, we were introduced to their latest Home Collection for 2015, as well as to learn a thing or two about ‘the art of lighting a candle’ as Hubert Hoi of Ken’s Apothecary put it. It is after all, what Diptyque Paris is all about.

We gathered in the cosy showroom of Space Furniture at The Intermark, which has been transformed from showroom to home – by an array of Diptyque candles burning. The scent of Freesias, mixed with other scents made the space very inviting. Candles are amazing, because they lend a subtle touch to any space; making it seem warmer, giving a soft scent to uplift one’s spirits and they also help give off an impression of ‘having good taste’. I’m a candle hoarder, I should know.




We were given an introduction of their range of products, which first and foremost, are their candles. Baies, their best-selling scent, was passed around for us to get a good whiff. I personally preferred their Rose and Freesia scents – and after all, scent preference is subjective. They also have giant candles, literally 1.5kg worth of wax in a sandstone jar that has 5 wicks, with 400 hours of burning.

Some candle tips:

  1. Blowing a candle out is faster, but you get that residual smoke from the blown-out wick’s embers, which is quite unpleasant. Use a candle-snuffer, it works by cutting off oxygen for the fire, leaving no embers and hence, no residual smoke. Not to mention, it also makes one look more elegant.
  2. Always trim the wick after snuffing the candle. That blackened area, if not trimmed, will cause a nasty black smoke when you burn the candle, which will ruin your candle’s scent. Remember, you want to smell the scent, not a barbeque pit.
  3. After a candle has burned down, wipe the inside of the jar with water and soap, then remove the wax residues. The jar can now be reused to grow herbs or even hold everyday items.

Diptyque has perfumes and room sprays made for selected scents as well, which can be also used as a fabric freshener for your carpets (used sparingly, of course) – friction and movement on these surfaces releases the scent. Also, their scented ovals, which I am really attracted to. The scented wax is protected by a porcelain medallion, which has a string to hang it by, for use in confined spaces like your closet and can even be slipped into your luggage – keeping your clothes smelling fresh. Again, Diptyque recommends recycling the porcelain medallion after the wax has reached its lifespan, and one idea is to use it to hang your belts, scarves and other accessories.

The star of today’s introduction is The Hourglass, newly launched by Diptyque. Along with this, two new fragrances are launched as well, the Gingembre and Fleur d’Oranger. The Hourglass is a classy-looking scent diffuser. Unlike candles, which you shouldn’t place near areas that has a lot of breeze, The Hourglass is meant to work with breezy spaces.

The elegantly shaped hourglass-structure has a black middle which has a cut-out, circular groove on two opposing sides. It works literally an hourglass – turn it over and the fragrance will drip down ever so slowly, into the bottom section. As it drips through the midsection, any passing breeze will help diffuse the scent, and carry it out wherever the wind blows.

It is an amazing concept that requires only the power of gravity to work, no buttons or batteries needed. The design is also timeless, lending a touch of class to any area. It is definitely going into my 2015 wishlist (which has been growing quite steadily). There was also an electric diffuser that was introduced, one that diffuses 4-straight hours of scent.

As for the new scents, Gingembre is a sweet ginger scent which wasn’t as strong or spicy as I had expected it to be. Inspired by the spice markets by the Mekong river, this scent is meant to transport one into an exotic travel destination where ginger is a spice staple. The other scent, Fleur d’Oranger is an orange blossom – which was created to imitate the blossoms that appear before the fruit is formed. This scent is subtly sweet, with a slight tang. Perfect for summers, when lounging on your favorite chair with a good romance novel.



DID YOU KNOW? The standard 190g Diptyque candle burns for 60 hours and has a coverage radius of 300 sq ft. That’s one candle for an entire standard studio apartment!
The amazing team has prepared a lovely spread, that we may eat as the French do. The selection of fromage was delicious – I was shamelessly stuffing blocks of dairy into my greedy mouth, punctuated by bites of canapé crackers. Thank you for the painstaking effort to put out such a delectable spread, and for feeding all of us.


All products can be found in Diptyque stores in Bangsar Village 2 and Pavilion KL.

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