Women, Because We’re Worth It

I love events like these. Events that respects, honors and empowers women.

L’Oréal Paris, one of the most major beauty brands in the world with a long and rich history is a fine example of one that propagates such a message. Their infamous tagline, “because you’re worth it” has become an international sentiment amongst women of all nationalities.

I am proud to witness their Women Of Worth (WOW) launch campaign in Malaysia, where L’Oréal has chosen three examples of women in Malaysia, who suit the WOW title. Before we get on to that though, I must also tell you that it was, coincidentally, the 30th anniversary for L’Oréal’s long-standing Color Riche line of lipsticks – for which they have amassed a multitude of 350 iconic lip colors to this day.

The event was held at the gorgeous Flora Terrace, a venue that is famous for its upside down floral décor (real flowers) and lush floral arrangements. I walked in thinking “this is the perfect setting for a small, intimate wedding.” Ladies, start your bookings. The fun part was getting a chance to write a message on a white canvas board, with lipstick – to say anything about being a woman and being worthy. I simply wrote that “confidence is sexy”, because it is not only the lipstick that maketh the woman, it is also wholly dependent on her inner confidence that shines through.



Inside, there are stands that hold the Color Riche lipsticks – some of the most popular and timeless colors that debuted throughout the years. There was also a stand that held the present day Color Riche lipsticks, that we were all allowed to play with. I love how the stylists placed the archived lipsticks within the lightboxes, very tasteful! I was viewing them when a realization hit me – I am looking at extinct (read discontinued) lip colors that will never, ever see the light into any beauty departmental store, ever again. These are literally relics of the beauty industry. (Has any rich billionaire out there decide to build a beauty museum already?)




The event starts off with a quick speech from Darren Ho, the General Manager of the Consumer Products Division and Daniel Lim, who is Senior Product Manager. It is quite amazing how this wonderfully feminine industry that empowers women is helmed by men like these two. We need more men like this please.

The international WOW who are mostly celebrities like Blake Lively, Eva Longoria, Julianne Moore and Zöe Saldana, just to name a few were highlighted. After that, three of the chosen Malaysian WOW for this event were then introduced: Nana Mahazan, Nurita Harith and Tracy Cheong – who are all a combination of beauty, brains and individuality. Each woman had their own opinion on empowerment and worth, and that sentiment was further magnified when they introduced their own WOW that they personally chose to attend this event with.


I think I can relate most with Nana Mahazan who brought in her best friend as her WOW. Such friendships between women are not easy to find, let alone cultivate. I am quite lucky to have two WOW in my life, and I share the same sentiments as Nana about them.

The event came to a close of this gorgeous birthday cake was cut, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Color Riche. You can bet that the cake is just as rich. I also made some new friends, and bumped into a few old ones along the way. All of us went home with some gifts from L’Oréal, and amongst them were two of the new Color Riche lipsticks. I personally love the Fairy Touch color, and wear it for work daily. I gave the other color in Dewy Beige to my special WOW, my mom.



Who is your personal WOW and why?

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