PIMP My ChuLips

Over the weekend, a bunch of us girls (okay, there were 50 of us) had the fun opportunity to get creative with ChuLip, a Japanese lip balm brand under Mentholatum. I’m sure you’re familiar with the LipIce balms that have been around for like.. since forever.

These lip balms however, are cute, round things that look like tulips, and sound like tulips – but the ‘chu’ in ChuLips means ‘kiss’ in Japanese. Quite a smart wordplay, in my opinion. Plus the balms come in a variety of bright colors, wouldn’t you like to kiss them too? The balms are available in Red – apple, ginger and tea rose, Purple – rose, geranium and clove, Pink – raspberry and peach, and also Green – orange, lime and mango. I absolutely love both the red and pink variations!

The event was sectioned off in Kare Cafe, where we took our seat and conceded to first make acquaintances with our ‘table-mates’ before the briefing began. Today would be a sort-of competition between all 50 of us girls – as we each are to pimp our ChuLips in the most creative way possible. Some examples of pimp-ed out ChuLips were on display for us to see.




Each of us were given a choice at picking our ChuLip color – and was given a whole array of tools and craft items to pimp our little ChuLip with. You can imagine the scramble involved to grab whatever we can. I only managed to nab a black Sharpie and some Washi tape. And we all got down to business.




My meagre harvest from the accessory table.

I’m not very handy with 3D objects (give me a pencil and paper and some watercolors and I can create magic), so I took the easiest route possible. I made a mini Victoria Beckham in her bikini. I may have exaggerated her bosoms a little, but I tried to keep her hairdo as close as possible. Around me, my table-mates (who all happen to be in some creative industry: an architect, a fashion student, three designers, myself included) were busy crafting and drawing and sticking random fluff onto their ChuLip. One girl in particular, Patricia, was really good with graffiti-style typographic freehand.






Tadah! My take on the sexy Beckham, except that she’s not so sexy now since the ChuLip is round instead of skinny. I even tattooed her name on her sexy-Beck. (Did you know I met her husband last year at the Haig Club launch?) I loved how the Washi tape was so useful, it came out much better than I imagined. I should start working more with this tape!

Here are all the 50 pimp-ed out ChuLips by the other contestants. There’s just too many cute variations. If you want to join the competition, you can head out and buy one ChuLip, pimp it out and upload the photo onto the contest site! Grand prize is an iPad Mini 3, plus some extra consolation prizes, so what are you waiting for?


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