Lips Touch, Three Times

So, this blog title is borrowed from one of my favorite YA authors, and one of my favorite books. It is now 3 years since we got together, and we are still coasting on. 😉

He has to work on our actual anniversary date (7th March), so we decided to have our anniversary dinner a few days earlier. I selected Tosca, one of my favorite Italian restaurants as they serve great food and has impeccable service.

But before I indulge you with photos of food, I want to just write a few words few short paragraphs, on why after three years (I know it’s not a long time, but…) I still feel like one of the luckier girls in the world (not to mention the most-constantly-annoyed-girlfriend) and how much I appreciate the little things in our relationship.

He goes to things he doesn’t want to go to, because I want to
Horror movies that he hates watching? He goes anyway because I love horror movies, and then spends half the time hiding under his cap. He even attends girly blogger events with me which some of my friends commented that their men would NEVER do for them. #bonuspoints

He gave me most of his closet space
Having co-lived together at his place, he has given me more space to keep all my stuff in – even if it means throwing out some of his older stuff. He even bought me a table and cabinets from IKEA, to store more stuff and that I may have my own personal workspace. This is probably one of the things I appreciate the most.

He always listens (or pretends to listen) when I gossip/rant about girl drama
I think he listens most of the time because he seems to remember certain gossipy bits – and can even bring up certain things I’ve forgotten I said months later. He has bad memory for things like ‘dinner with mom’ or ‘event to attend’, but he remembers gossip. Sigh.

He doesn’t act like some ‘macho’ cool guy around his friends
No showing off in front of his friends – he keeps things real. That’s pretty good since some guys I know act like some ‘big know it all man’ around his friends if his girlfriend is present. Bleagh, please..

He gives good advice (sometimes)
I have learnt a few things from him, such as having patience (amongst other things), as he is a very patient person who doesn’t like confrontations. I, on the other hand, am the total opposite. Pros and cons to both traits, but he teaches me to be better, sometimes.

Most importantly, I feel secure
I don’t think I have ever felt insecure throughout our time together. I occasionally ask ‘who is this?’ whenever some girl likes or comments on his photos – but it’s mostly in jest. I know he’s honest and sincere, and I believe that I have no reason to doubt him, not just yet anyway (and not ever, hopefully). We both have the same vision for our future, so that gives me assurance on his commitment and my utmost trust.

Now that we’ve gotten all that gooey stuff out of the way, on to our date night!



Every table at Tosca gets a complimentary bread basket – which I mostly love because of their delicious grissini! In fact, it was my last visit to Tosca that inspired me to make my own grissini at home. The basket also comes with a generous assortment of bread to satiate our gnawing hunger as the food is prepared.

Our starter arrives, it is a carpaccio of Australian grass fed beef tenderloin with horseradish cream and rocket leaves to go with. I think there was a sort of mustard sauce beneath it too.




Our delicious mains came next. I loved the wild mushrooms and sea scallop risotto! I am a sucker for rice dishes like risotto and paella, and this is done really well. The flavor is creamy and fantastic. We also had a calabrese pizza, which is made simple with tuna, capers, oregano and chilli on top of melty mozzarella. These were shared between us, and it was so much, we had 3 slices of pizza leftover.



Tosca has got a lovely pool view. We decided to share dessert (because we’re greedy) and selected the creme brulee. It was lovely and it came with raspberries and a lovely raspberry sorbet. I thought it was a little too sweet, the sorbet. I don’t know, maybe I am getting older, a lot of things seem too sweet to me these days.





Last but not least, my annual anniversary gift which we went to purchase last weekend. He had to bring me along to try out the ring sizes. No, we are not engaged, but I would like to think this is a promise that we might, one day. 🙂

p/s: I haven’t gotten him his gift yet, but all he wants is a soda machine. Men. #rollseyes

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