BOMBERG: Telling Time Is Sexy

It was all about various eye-candies (in many ways) at the BOMBERG launch party that happened just last week. Set within the dark confines of Providence KL, it was all in spirit of good fun when it comes to toys for boys (and women too!)

The launch revolved around BOMBERG’s Bolt 68 watch collection, in conjunction with the introduction of the Swiss brand’s presence here in Malaysia – carried by most Watatime watch outlets nationwide. We were first treated to a myriad of drinks, ranging from wines to cocktails and later on, flutes of Möet, and were fed canapés generously by attentive servers who brought us platters of shrimp-n-dip, masala mutton, grilled oysters and mussels, chicken bites and sweet cakes. We scarfed down some food in anticipation for the unveiling.

Each guest was given a metal-plated bracelet where our lucky draw numbers are etched on.
Giancarlo Mantuano, CEO of BOMBERG, giving us a short speech.

Launched in 2012, BOMBERG has been expanding rapidly and Malaysia has been considered by its CEO, Giancarlo Mantuano, as a great venue for expansion. He attended the launch event in person, and it was evident, his pride in the Swiss brand’s nonconformist nature. The watches are indeed sturdy, unconventional and thrillingly audacious. They pride themselves on being different – where the watches are designed with the crown placed at 12 o’clock instead of the conventional 3 o’clock placement. Even more unconventional is that each watch piece can be twisted out of its stainless steel bezel and attached onto a chain to turn it into a pocket watch, or simply worn around the neck.

Right after his speech, the fashion show started – first by introducing BOMBERG’s little mascot, an English bulldog named Hero. He was indeed the star of the show, with his very own BOMBERG watch dangling from his neck. Talk about #SWAG.





Some of the select Malaysian influencers that were chosen for the night’s event.

If anything feeds the saying that ‘sex sells’ this event certainly does. Aside from the obvious scantily dressed models onstage, surrounding the venue were lightboxes of their latest advertising posters – with short and catchy taglines such as ‘Toys for boys’, ‘Unchain the beast’ and ‘Be the boss’, with a risque imagery hinting at S&M to go with. This is after all, part of the brand’s DNA, and part of bringing something exciting to Malaysia (not sure if these advertising materials are permitted to go public here), and it’s definitely a job well done.

Next up was the lucky draws – where three Bolt-68 watches would be given out. I seem to have a knack for winning men’s items (I won a RM8k Zegna custom-made suit at the last event) but was still quite in shock when they called out my number for the lucky draw. It is after all, a very beautiful watch that works for both men and women who dare wear them. Thank you BOMBERG! 🙂

The party carried on with more lucky draw giveaways and drinks and some partying. Suffice to say we left happy and a wee bit hungry after that.


Since I won a watch, here are some photos of the BOLT-68 3 Hands & GMT, 45mm which I won. It’s a very simple, classy piece with basic functions. The watch comes with a stainless steel back for when you want to use/wear it as a pocket watch. I decided to gift this to my boyfriend (but will wear it out occasionally) because it is one badass watch that looks good on men.


The watch when removed from its strap.

BOMBERG watches are now available at all Watatime outlets in major stores nationwide. Learn more about the Swiss brand on Facebook.

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