Delving Into Coach’s Modern Luxury For Men


On a lazy thursday last week, we entered into the world of Coach – at it’s opening of the first Coach Men’s Store in Malaysia, within the bustling confines of KLCC. That neon-sign, red window display is exciting enough to drive you towards the boutique, which pays homage to craftsmanship, design and heritage.

The new space features everything a man could need, made in rich, warm materials that feels luxurious to the touch. It’s main offerings are men’s accessories ranging from wallets to belts, bags and jackets and shoes, and timepieces. The store is also offering exclusive collaborations and occasional limited edition pieces. There’s quite a lot to see, and my boyfriend – well, let’s just say he succumbed to parting with some cash in exchange for luxury – but more on that later.

Upon entering the premises, one can already feel the modern luxury the space exudes – from its dark interior to the rich brown flooring and wall panels, illuminated by warm lighting and that distinct smell of leather. It’s luxury at its finest.




Specially for tonight, they have a Kwikprint hot-foil stamping machine, which allows us to customize our very own Coach leather tag in gold initials. It’s the ultimate personal touch, in the world of luxury – your initials monogrammed onto all your belongings. In this case, a personalized tag which you can attach to any of your bags or other belongings, to mark it as yours.

The machine works by first affixing a maximum of three letters of your choice onto the press. Then they will place the tag directly beneath the letters, and place a sheet of gold foil over it. The press is hot, so be sure to keep from touching it. The letters are then pressed down onto the foil, which ultimately presses it into the tag, sealing the gold permanently onto the leather with heat. And voila, we have our tags!


Brass plates for each alphabet.





Around the store, you can find an array of textures and colors, crafted into beautiful pieces of accessories, some plain and some with the infamous ‘C’ monogramme. We even checked out (and tried out) some of the timepieces sold there, which looked really rugged. All while being served champagne and whiskey, and delicious canapes from Nathalie’s Gourmet as well as entertainment by DJ Patricia K who was in-the-house especially for this occasion.

















And then we spotted this lovely wallet, navy blue on the outside, and camel brown on the inside. It also had a mini pull-out for lighter travelling. It has lots of card slots as well – literally any man’s dream wallet – or perhaps just my boyfriend’s? He was besotted by this wallet, as not only it was leather, it is in his favorite shade of navy blue (although he loves all sorts of blue) and it looks plain enough for everyday use. To top it all off, there was a special 30% off all items for invited guests that day – so after mulling it over a glass of Blue Label, he decided to make it his. And he says I’m th impulsive buyer!

I have to admit though, this wallet is a beautiful piece of work, I absolutely love the camel brown on the inside. Also available in the lighter blue, at the back.



He was also nearly swayed by this watch (thanks to a very persistent sales assistant), but he came to his senses after realizing he had shopped A LOT this month.

Satisfied with the purchase and our fill of luxury, we stepped out of the store into the bordered area where all the food and drinks are being actively served. Fotobox had set up a cute little instant-photobooth where your photos are taken by one of these pretty models – who are equipped with a special camera that looks like a space helmet. Then all you have to do is to key in your email, to have a high resolution copy sent to your inbox, and key it once again onscreen at their digital photobooth – and your photo would be printed out instantly for keeps. Pretty nifty, don’t you think?




Thank you for having us Coach, we had a blast (I think my boyfriend had more fun than me, though)! The new men’s store can now be found on Level 1, KLCC.

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