Making Art With Nando’s

Just last week, Nando’s launched the 8th installation of their annual Art Initiative Programme – a competition that serves as a platform for young Malaysian artists to showcase their artwork and gain recognition.

This year, aside from launching the annual competition, Nando’s is also launching the official opening of their new contemporary creative space called Lot 123. Ensconced within the three-storey Nando’s Chinatown outlet, this space (previously Nando’s headquarters) has been converted to serve as a gallery for young talents.

Upon arrival, the event was already in full-swing with various patrons admiring artworks from last year’s entries, some partaking in expressing their creativity at the freestyle-painting-board and a majority munching on the delectable canapes, Nando’s style, that were served for the night. Predictably, we joined ranks with the majority to munch on the canapes that are obviously not a staple in the regular Nando’s menu (though they should be, they’re so good.)







Thai style Nando’s chicken salad.



Nando’s signature sauces to go with their Peri wedges on every table. 


This chocolate cake was a kick – it is laced with their Mild Peri sauce.


Each guest was also given a piece of puzzle to affix onto a board, to create the art imagery of the Nando’s Art Initiative poster that describes the theme for this year’s competition (see below).


Aside from launching the new gallery at Lot 123, they are also revealing the new logo for the art programme. the creative team at Nando’s came up with an idea for the judges and CEO of Nando’s to splash multi-colored paint onto a pre-prepared canvas to reveal the new logo. Let the paint loose!




Right after the reveal, we were all escorted upstairs to view the winners and runner-up’s artworks from last year’s competition. They are not crowned the top four for no reason, their artworks are amazing, each in their own different ways.

My favorite is from Mohamad Nor Hakim, he made these incredible lightboxes that contain layers of perspex that were drawn on painstakingly, layer by layer, to create a 3D effect. He used very vibrant colors that really pop when the lights illuminates the layers of art from the back of the box.

Will Quah doing a short Q&A with Hakim.


Oh hello there, Bradgelina!


The next artist, Syed Muhammad Iftah focuses on very anime like portrayals of basic human life and emotions, some which are war related. Whatever the reasons behind each of his artwork are, they are very emotive and they are also one of my favorites.



The only female artist, Ilyani has created a few different variants of artworks, but her two series which uses the profile of known celebrities, has captured my attention. I especially love Tea In Tuscany, which features the Audrey Hepburn.


And last but not least, Nik Mohd Shahfiz which presented the largest artworks – which showcases how lines create detailed emotions to each of the subjects. He stated that he was inspired by Van Gogh, who is famous for perusing lines in his artwork to create movement, detail and dynamism. These are huge and have very gorgeous detailing – this award is very well-deserved by Nik.


And that rounds up the launch of the 8th Nando’s Art Initiative. This exhibition is open to the public from 20th January to 8th February 2015, and are also open for purchasing. Prices range between RM800 to RM3,500. So if you have the dough, do drop by and support a local young artist.

As for the 2015 competition, it is open to accept entries from 20th January to 31st March 2015. If you think you have what it takes, drop by the Nando’s Art Initiative site to join! The prizes are very, very lucrative, so don’t miss out!

2 thoughts on “Making Art With Nando’s

  1. Thank you for sharing these picture for those of us who aren't in the area to visit the works ourselves! I took IB HL Art in high school, but am not taking any visual arts courses in college. This is making me want to make art again! Maybe I'll join the art club… -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


  2. No problem! If you love art, you should join the art club, no maybes! Or perhaps maybe learn on your own and make your own art? I find it very therapeutic – much like how bakers feel when they're making bread. 🙂


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