One Year Since

I drew this last year, in dedication to my grandmother who passed away on the 11th January 2014. A tiger because that is her Chinese zodiac, and the 90 on its cheek signifies the age she lived on Earth. It’s not easy losing someone you grew up with and love so dearly. I think my biggest regret was that I didn’t have the time to visit her for quite some time, due to my busy schedule, and before you know it – she’s gone.

I visited her on the first death anniversary last weekend – didn’t know what to expect and was feeling a pang of dread. We were the earliest there, and I was amazed with how well Nirvana (the Shah Alam branch) has managed to beautify and maintain the area. It is clean and beautiful – loads of fresh air and natural light, soft Christian music playing in the background. And they even had plush black leather seats with overhead chandeliers in the waiting area.

Isn’t it beautiful?

It’s so beautiful and peaceful, I felt no dread nor misery – instead, I just walked right up to where her urn and photo rested, and spoke to her. There was a lot to tell (and a lot to ask for), but it felt good to speak to her again.

Outside, they have a lovely fountain (which I unabashedly went to snap a photo with) and a garden filled with blooms and greenery. We walked across the yard to another area where Nirvana has modeled to look like little China. I wished I had taken some photos here, but I was too awed by the beautiful surroundings that I totally forgot! This is the Buddhist cemetery section, where you can find a bridge overlooking a pond of koi fish, skinny bamboo trees lining a nice grey-stoned path and a big temple with all the relevant deities. Golden plaques spell out the deceased’s name and years lived while their relatives lighted joss sticks and spread offerings out before them.

This, I learnt, was where my grandfather will be moved to (in 5 years’ time) as his final resting place. His current resting place resides upon the peak of a steep hill where we can get a birds-eye view of Fairy Park cemetery. My grandfather has a taste for old-age grandeur and high places, so I learnt. He actually bought an ancient Chinese house in Shen Zhen, China; that has 30 rooms and a huge courtyard and all (also sitting atop a hill overlooking a small village) many years ago. I will be making my first trip there early next year, so you can expect a post on that then.

Also, you may be wondering why my grandparents both have different religion (quite uncommon in Asia). My grandmother gave her faith to Christianity about 8 years ago. She started late, but she loved going to church every Sunday. I think that was probably one of the best parts of her old age life, aside from weekly mahjong sessions with some of her friends.

You’ll never be forgotten – will visit you again soon! 🙂

Taken in 2012. 🙂

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