Time For (Mint) Tea


It was one of those nights where I was craving for something soothing, so that I can sleep easily after I’m done with all my blog work. Alas, I’m very sensitive to caffeine (even a little) and drinking teas at night usually make me fall into a restless sort of sleep – you know, the kind where you’re so tired you could nod off immediately, and yet your mind whispers in intervals, “hey, what’s that sound?” or “what should I wear tomorrow?” It’s just hard to nod off completely.

So I had a stroke of genius. (But okay, many others probably had thought of this sooner) I have a bunch of fresh spearmint leaves in the fridge, which I was planning to add to my smoothies, so I took a few sprigs from the bunch.

1 cup freshly boiled water
2 sprigs mint

Just peel every leaf off each sprig, and add them into your cup of hot water. Leave to steep for about 5 minutes, then use a spoon to scoop them out. Or like me, you can leave the leaves in for an extra minty flavor – and I like to chew on them as well so it doesn’t bother me to have leaves with every few mouthfuls. Mint is very great for cleansing the system and it is perfect to use as a detox for your bowels once a week.


It’s very refreshing and not overly minty – I am so loving this new discovery. I’m even seriously considering growing my own mint sprigs so that I can have an even fresher cup of mint tea.



8 thoughts on “Time For (Mint) Tea

  1. Morrocan tea is unfortunately, not my favorite kind – I find that it's a little too strong for my taste. I didn't mint grows like weed though, sounds like an easy peasy plant to care for. Thanks for the tip! 🙂


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