Shopping For The Year Of The Sheep


It is the year of the sheep/goat/ram (I’ll go with sheep, just cause sheeps are über cute!) in the Chinese zodiac this 2015 – and already I have begun to see the sheep being made into fashion icons. It’s really cool how the world is slowly evolving to include Chinese beliefs and culture into beautiful things – seeing as how China is Asia’s highest retail consumer, anything beautiful with sheep is bound to sell like lemonade on a hot day.

Not that I’m writing about sheeps here, but I’ve already started my annual CNY shopping because it is happening in a month’s time. I saw this gorgeous white and gold bag in H&M the other day and it is so perfect for angpau collecting (a Chinese culture where kids and unmarried adults get money packets from all their relatives – and pickings are very lucrative) that I simply must have it. I don’t go by the old Chinese superstition that states white and blacks are taboo colors to use, so I bought this to collect my angpaus.

There were also bag accessories on sale, and I saw this cute little golden sheep, and it is the perfect addition to my little white bag! Matte metallic leather, poofy and subtly shiny, what’s not to like?





I also saw these rings that range in various sizes, from midi to full, with cute multi-colored chevron designs on each skinny ring. My kinda bling!

What have you shopped for this CNY? Do share!

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