Youth Maintenance With Dr Sebagh


Nothing says indulgence like an hour-long facial designed to not only pamper you, but rejuvenate your skin and leave you feeling pampered. Such luxury is attainable at Dr Sebagh‘s store in Bangsar Village 2. Nestled in a cosy spot on the ground floor, the retail space looks deceivingly small, but unbeknownst to me and most passers by, hidden behind a door is yet another space for facial treatment. Now, most people think ‘the young generation’ does not need to worry about their youthful looks until they hit at least 30 – Dr Sebagh thinks otherwise. He says that everyone, from the moment they hit their teenage years, should start a proper skincare regimen.

In short, it’s never too early to start an anti-ageing skin regimen – the key to ageing gracefully.

Upon arriving, I was greeted with some tea and cupcakes – while the beautician conducted a quick survey of my skin condition. I’ll be receiving Dr Sebagh’s Anti-ageing Facial (worth RM350), as well as an Eye Treatment (worth RM65), in a duration of one-hour. I think hour-long facials are the best, because you get to relax and power nap – it helps with being more productive later on.

I was led into the cosy facial room, and given time to change into a robe for comfort. The bed is clean and the room smells of roses, immediately giving me that nice, calming effect. I settled down as the beautician started cleaning off my make-up, before applying a very fragrant Foaming Cleanser to wash off any dirt/oil. This was followed by a cream cleanser, and a soft face massage.


Then came the exfoliation part; she warned me that it might sting a little but I didn’t feel anything partly because I didn’t have any open acne wounds. I’m guessing it would have been more ‘stinging’ for those who have fresh acne spots. The Deep Exfoliating Mask was left for about 10 minutes before she washed it off and blasted warm steam – presumably to open up my pores. While waiting, I was given a nice hand massage.

Next comes the more painful part – the extraction. Again, this would hurt depending on your skin condition. In my case, my beautician sounded a little disappointed as she told me “your forehead is clean.. so are your cheeks..” which means, nothing to extract! Until she came to my nose, then she started prodding and digging for those nasty impurities nestled in my nose’s pores. I won’t lie – it hurt quite a bit (as it usually would anyways), seeing as my nose is quite a sensitive spot. I cannot imagine if I had more areas for her to work on, I’d cry and beg to be let out. However, it’s not too bad because it was over in mere minutes.

This was followed by the application of the Rose de Vie serum, which I love, because it smells of the actual rose extract it is made of. It was massaged all over with this serum machine, that felt ice cold – which I assume is to help close up all those open pores. Despite the initial shocking coldness, I began to enjoy the sensation.

After this, I was given an eye mask which smelled of honey. Once again, all natural extracts with no fragrance added. This covered the top half of my face and over my eyes. While I was left to wait for the mask’s goodness to be absorbed, I was given a nice head and shoulder massage. I sort of dozed off in between semi-consciousness. I had another soft face massage later on when the mask was removed, mostly around the eye area.

Towards the end, I was given another few rounds of moisturizing face massages with various creams, and sunblock application (due to my freckles) before ending with a leg and back massage. Then I was left to change out of the robes and given some soothing tea. I felt so rejuvenated and still a little sleepy, but it was a good hour-break from my busy daily routine.

It was a perfectly good end to a slow afternoon, and a good start to a productive evening. The wonderful people at Dr Sebagh had also kindly gifted me a bag of goodies: my favorite Rose de Vie Serum, their amazing Foaming Cleanser, the Hyaluronic Acid Repair Serum, one sachet of SPF 30 Sunblock and a sachet of Eye Treatment Cream. How pampered can I get? Thank you!



I absolutely love this! Smells lovely and feels even lovelier!

Following the facial, my skin felt dewy and glowy – aside from the redness from the extraction – my skin was quite luminous. At 26 I’m probably not the best candidate for an Anti-ageing Facial, but why wait till the crows feet and wrinkles come out? Starting young is always the best prevention.

The facial services are available exclusively at Dr Sebagh, Bangsar Village 2.
For booking appointments, call: 03 2282 4352

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