El Libre’s Burritos For Malaysian Tastebuds


Every Sunday from now on (probably till the end of year), you can probably come catch me at POP @ Jaya One. Reason why is that I’m an elf, helping out the boys of El Libre MY with their pop-up store that will be stationed there, every Sunday till the end of 2014.

El Libre is founded by my boyfriend and his chef friend, Jirwan; and together they are introducing burritos to Malaysia. Being their pro bono elf and food-taster, I can proudly say that these burritos are made to satisfy! Don’t expect traditional Mexican burritos though – these are all cooked up (lots of kitchen experimentation involved) with the Malaysian tastebud in mind.

Expect localized flavors such as the very yummy Char Siew Chicken Burrito (pork free, of course) that is insanely good, especially since the char siew sauce (Asian BBQ sauce) is made from scratch. Then comes another favorite (which was sold out last Sunday), the Spicy Miso Braised Brisket Burrito (for those who wants a little more kick of spice) is all tender beef and spiciness, with a hint of miso to bring it all together. This goes especially well with their Tangy Mango Salsa.

Now the salsas, you have two variants to choose from: the aforementioned Tangy Mango Salsa which is both sweet and quite spicy for the fire-hunters and their Pico de Gallo, a traditional tomato salsa that is mildly spicy and full of freshness.

True to the traditional Mexican style, each burrito comes with meat, salsa, rice and beans.


Just choose your desired meat filling and salsa, and they will be stuffed into a fresh tortilla wrap alongside rice (not Mexican, but garlic fried rice, YUMS!) and beans, with a small sprinkling of fresh lettuce for crunch. Sounds healthy right?

Because IT IS HEALTHY! But more importantly, A BALANCED MEAL.

El Libre’s burritos are cooked with fresh ingredients and there’s a limit to the amount of salt added, plus there’s no MSG used. You get your proteins, veggies and a bit of carbs from the rice – every nutrient you need in your daily intake.

The Oktoberfish promo (that had just ended along with October itself) consists of cold cuts of smoked talapia fish, duly smoked in-house by Chef Jirwan. I’m not gonna give away what November brings, but come check us out every Sunday at POP @ Jaya One, PJ.

This was last Sunday.

Tables and chairs are provided in an air-conditioned space for you to dine-in.


There’s also a retail space further in, where you can shop for clothes, handphone covers, fresh fruits and even children’s toys.


The special side offering last Sunday were big and soft oatmeal raisin cookies (sold up to the last two cookies).



The burritos are assembled fresh on-the-spot after you pay for your order, and we deliver them to your seat if you dine in. Did I mention that each burrito comes with a free Lemongrass Mint drink? Some customers even came up to purchase extra drinks cause they’re just too refreshing, especially on a sunny Sunday.

Do drop on by with your friends and families if you can and come say hi! πŸ™‚

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