The Great Week With Zalora


It was a wonderfully British affair at the British High Commission’s Residence last Monday. Zalora, one of the top Malaysian portals for everything fashionable, has gathered us all for the GREAT Week Reception. The event’s main purpose was to highlight everything great from Great Britain – the three ‘F’s as I call it – from fast cars, to food and fashion, I mean, what could be better than that? Zalora also showcased their latest British High Street Collections, featuring top British brands in a highly upbeat fashion show.

Upon arriving at the venue, we were accosted by the sight of a very sexy McLaren, parked in the driveway and decked out in the British flag colors (which could nearly be mistaken for the Malaysian flag, save for the absence of yellow). This, along with a snazzy Mini Cooper that features the somewhat iconic Union Jack flag on its roof. Of course, the cars are for sale, and one who has deep wallets may certainly just drive off after the event, in a brand new car.



The residence is lovely, with framed paintings of the Queen and some interesting British paraphernalia. The space was airy, banisters well-polished, and the floors gleaming. Zalora had even set up a #wowbooth for fashionistas to take vain selfies (and you get to take 3 shots too!) with fun props. Of course we had to have a go! We’ve been collecting these polaroid keepsakes like stamps.




We stepped out into a lovely expanse of grass, in a garden area which surrounds the hall where the fashion show would take place. We were early, so we explored the grounds and had a few glasses of champagne (beer for the man, and ones which are specially flown in from the UK for this occasion), while snapping a few bites of hors d’oeuvres from passing trays. I particularly enjoyed the mushroom pâté served in convenient spoons, and the salmon and cream cheese crackers. I spied some food stands setting up in the far corner of the lawn, but more on that later.



This Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale was a tad weird, but unique. I was too weirded out to try Young’s Double Chocolate Stout after that.

Fast forward to the start of the fashion show, we were welcomed by Ray Kyles, Acting High Commissioner (in place of the late Simon Featherstone, British High Commissioner to Malaysia who had passed away last month). In his speech, Kyles enlightened us on the delights of everything British that will be on offer to all of us in attendance, as well as the tastefully high street fashion pieces. After a few other speeches, the fashion show commences.

Ray Kyles, The Rt Hon Grant Schapps MP and Giulio Xiloyannis, Managing Director of Zalora.




These are some of my favorite pieces from the show. The three main brands on show today are River Island (one of my faves), New Look and Lola Skye. These high fashion British street brands can be purchased directly from Zalora. I personally own a few River Island pieces and they are oh-so-gorgeous!

Post-show, all of us were ravenous. Me and Jia Yung dashed (in the most classy fashion we could muster) straight for the Shucked stand where two men are shucking a luscious spread of fresh oysters flown in from the UK that morning itself, to feed us all. A choice of lemon or Tabasco sauce to go with these fresh goodness. I had about 8 oysters with Tabasco and my lips were burning by the end of it. Just a few feet away was a classic fish & chips stand, serving small portions in little cone cups. They were hot and yummy, of course! No one does fish & chips better than the Brits.

I’m ashamed to say right after that, we dashed back to Shucked to gobble down a few more oysters till we had our fill. (Shucked is located in Ben’s Independent Grocer, Publika – for those who are interested in a good dose of fresh oysters)





After that, we mingled about for a bit before dashing off into the night (nope, no McLaren in tow, not this time) and rubbing our full bellies. 🙂

Thank you Zalora for a wonderful night out! And to the British High Commission for feeding us silly. If we were ducks, you’d make a fine, cruelty-free, foie gras out of us. 😉

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