Over The Weekend: RAWR Comedy Fest


Over the weekend, me and my best friend Nikki, were treated to fun times at the RAWR event in 1 Mont Kiara, on its rooftop. It was a night of food, drinks, music and laughter – featuring a small collection of fresh comedy acts as well as talented musicians, most of them from our local (glocal, as they call it) entertainment scene.

I wore my very yellow Jake dress from Curated Clothing, and got lots of compliments on that. I didn’t know that there are so many Adventure Time fans here! The lovely event organizers gave us our goodies bags, media pass and also RM40 vouchers each to purchase food from within the even compound. Various stalls had set up within the vicinity, selling everything from beer and cider to burritos and pasta, to an all-out BBQ grill serving grilled wings, sausages and beef.

We got our food, and settled down in time to catch Prema Yin mesmerizing the crowd with her strong and sultry vocals. Our food came from the Coffee Club booth, chicken sandwiches and a beef meatball pasta, which was delicious! We also got a plate of the grilled beef that came with soft mashed potatoes and pickled beets later on from The Food Studio BBQ because the smell wafting over form their stand was just too irresistible. Check out the very cool Cheeky Rascal ciders – the Apple Guava was the better of the two.



After eating our fill, we chatted (gossiped actually) in between musical sets and prize-giving sessions where participants from the crowd go onstage and do weird things (like making sounds of a good massage, or singing the phrase ‘Jurlique’ in the most enticing manner) to win gifts and vouchers from event sponsors.


Christian B Palencia taking the stage.

Soon after, it was time for the comedy acts to take the stage. The lineup consisted of: Kavin Jay, Anton Gillich, Luwita Hana Randhawa and Ross Stephenson. My absolute favorite was Ross! He’s the only comedian with a crazy afro, which he claims is real. He even demonstrated a ‘magic trick’ by showing us a comb, and then making it disappear in the depths of his afro, it was a hoot. He was the funniest of the lot in my opinion.


Anton Gillich all dressed up to impress. His jokes didn’t impress me much though.


The night continued on with a few more musical acts after. By then, we had to dash off to meet some other friends. Thank you for the wonderfully fun night!

Right after, we drove our way to Marini’s On 57, cause it’s a reunion with my dear college besties, my other Michelle and Kelvin. 🙂 Michelle recently got engaged to another college friend of ours, Jonathan. They have been dating since college, and that’s like 6 years already! I’m her bridesmaid, she asked me on my birthday and I said yes!

I miss this bunch so much, we haven’t been together since graduation 4 or 5 years ago. They are the craziest and loveliest people I know! And now, we’re all grown up with our own other halves and jobs and crazy lives. Nothing changes how much we love one another though. 🙂


Reunited and it feels so good~


With the soon-to-be-newlyweds.


Kelvin & Jayden.


And this girl, my bestie of 13 years, takes the big diamond-cherry off my cake. 

What a great weekend of catch-ups and laughter, so much love going around. Looking forward to the rest of my life will all these awesome friends.

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