The OffDay: Converse X Jack Purcell


Last Thursday, we traipsed across the happening streets of Bangsar to get to The OffDay, for the unveiling of the Converse Jack Purcell Cross-Stitch. Though many knows the name Converse (enough to link in with sneakers), not many knows who/what Jack Purcell is about.

Jack Purcell has been around, creating sneakers since 1935. The classic sneaker, bears its iconic ‘smile’ at the toecap. Having seen some of the Jack Purcell creations, it has a great vintage-classy style to, and when paired with Converse, makes the ultimate timeless sneaker.

Walking into the venue, the event was already in full swing by then – live contests to win Converse vouchers and even a DIY coffee area for the caffeine addicts. The OffDay itself, was a medley of extraordinary items, all specially curated for a touch of unique eccentricity.

There are some Converse Jack Purcell shoes from the Summer collection on display, but the latest collection remained veiled in a corner until it’s time for the reveal.



I mentioned that the store holds some very unique and eccentric items, here’s a quick look at what’s displayed (and sold) there.



This very unique jug/dΓ©cor piece is on sale at RM300+. Creepily unique!

There is also a hand-crafted accessory stand from the girls of Diary Of A Miniature Enthusiast, who are giving out bracelets and necklaces, which you can customize with a miniature charm. Wendy, the owner, explains that each piece of jewelry and charm are handmade, and therefore very unique. They specialize in custom-made trinkets for any occasion.

This is my custom-made bracelet with a lock charm! πŸ˜€


Wendy (right), and her colleague.

The time came for the unveiling, helmed by local fashion artist and curator Irman Hilmi, and also Eddie Lim. They revealed the new Converse Jack Purcell Cross-Stitch shoes for Fall 2014; a waxed cotton cross-stitch detail – outfitted in leather, a core texture for seasonal dressing. The premium and quality leather materials and subtle stitching details in the sneaker collection are refined and built with all around comfort.

Irman and Eddie.




That concludes the main event, and Eddie decided to end the night with his harmonica-rock set that was pretty jazzy and upbeat. We grabbed a few bites and a drink, wandered around the shop a little and made some small talk. We even made full use of the instant-photo booth at the venue before heading off.


Love the fact that they print two copies for each of us to keep! πŸ™‚


Thank you Converse, for the fun night! πŸ™‚

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