Bobby The Pug Turns One!


I’ve attended birthday parties, but I’ve never attended a party for a pet. My crazy friend, Shelyne, decided to throw a small party for her pug, Bobby. She’s been obsessed with pugs in the past few years, and when she finally got one – well, let’s just say he’s spoilt like every other lucky pug out there. Also, Bobby the pug has the same birthday as me! 🙂

The party was held at the public dog park in Bandar Utama (the one right next to One Utama Mall) where people are free to bring their dogs of all shapes and sizes. There are even obedience classes on weekends, for anyone to join. It’s a great place to teach your dog to socialize and learn a trick or two. There is even a lake, for dogs who like to swim, they can! I’ve actually witnessed my friend’s golden retriever leap right into the lake for a quick paddle. Also, be sure to bring your plastic bags and pooper scooper to keep the park clean and sanitary.

We spotted a few cute doggies and their owners, walking and lounging around in the warm evening sun. It rained right before, so the ground was a little wet.



Back to Bobby, he had some (dog) friends over for his party, and some random (dog) party crashers too. This lucky little boy even got his own birthday cake, a dog-friendly cake (not human friendly though) from Blink Pets Bakery; and some treats as his birthday present. Shelyne made some vegetable stew and also contributed some chips and soft drinks for the humans.


This is Duchess and Rusty, two of Bobby’s friends.




Crowding around the cake to sing happy birthday to Bobby!



Bobby’s got cake cream all over his face.


Duchess the Shiba Inu stuffing her face. I think she had 3 slices of cake. 




Happy One Year Bobby!

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