Of Kate Upton & Summer With Bobbi Brown


As you may or may not know, Kate Upton (my new favorite girl) is the new face for Bobbi Brown. She’s sexy, she’s bodacious, perfect girl-next-door looks and she’s beautiful! She is also listed as Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Celebrities, at the number #94 spot currently. I don’t know what, but something just draws me (and a million-bazillion others) to this girl.

She was recently interviewed on Vogue.com, to talk about her being the face of Bobbi Brown. Here’s an excerpt of some of my favorite questions.

Kate, have you ever worn Bobbi Brown makeup before? 
Yes! My mom used it and my two older sisters used it; it’s been a part of my life ever since I was growing up. My mom always says she knows when she’s found a good product, because all three of her daughters take it! I started out with the concealer and mascara. When you first learn how to do your makeup, it’s very basic, but even now I love wearing the mascara and just a little blush. Bobbi’s makeup is so light, and I’m such a Florida girl, that it just goes along with my lifestyle.

You’re associated with a certain kind of bygone supermodel sexiness. What role does makeup play for you as a model—and now also an actress—who is constantly in the spotlight?
Makeup is very important in making me feel either confident or sexy, but it doesn’t define how I feel. I love my body and I love my job, so it’s fun to play around with different looks; makeup helps you do that. But I always find it to be more of a compliment when people call me happy rather than sexy. I am a happy person, and I hope that comes across.

Kate, what are your go-to products? 
I love the Smokey Eye Mascara! I’m a little bit more of a smoky-eye girl than a lip girl. It doesn’t clump, and it gives you just enough of that sexy appeal. And also, like I said, I love their bronzer. Being from Florida, that helps me feel a little healthier!

How do you both feel about this campaign? 
Kate: You know, what’s cool about Bobbi is that a lot of campaigns make you feel like makeup is everything, but she really emphasizes that it’s about you and your personal beauty, so it feels like a good fit.

Bobbi: Kate came to the shoot without a stitch of makeup; she is the girl next door, really fresh and the epitome of all-American. She not only represents beauty—although I think all women are beautiful—but she has incredibly good energy. She is happy, she is strong, she is smart, she is open, and she is really versatile. She’s starting to act, she’s a model; she speaks eloquently about confidence and self-esteem, which is really important to me. I think she’ll be a great [role model] for young girls to look up to.

For the whole story, please go here.

The new Limited-Edition Surf & Sand Collection by Bobbi Brown is all about creating an effortlessly chic beach look – inspired by Bobbi Brown’s vacations – that features shades of sandy neutrals to surfy blues and sunset pinks.


“Effortless beauty all summer long.”
– Bobbi Brown

You have to love the shimmery quality that this collection brings, and those lovely pastel colors. I also love the lipsticks that is a sheer hue of Sunlit Pinks to Summer Nudes.

The Sand Eye Palette, at the very top is my favorite as it has all the lovely browns and metallic bronzes to sparkling golds which I love so much. I am a big fan of neutral colors and anything with brown hues, so that makes it the perfect palette for me.

For those who are more into experimenting with pastel colors, you can go for the Surf Eye Palette, that ranges form soft blues and aqua to a soft pink. I think this palette captures the image of a perfectly blue sky and a cloudy sun, at the beach in a most enticing way. Makes me want to sink my toes into some sand and just soak up the sun!

The collection is now available at all Bobbi Brown stores, nationwide.

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