Unwind At The Urban Retreat Spa


I used to only think that spas are something you go for while on a holiday. In my jam-packed lifestyle that has work, fitness, blogging, boyfriend, cats and family – all needing my attention almost every day – it’s kind of hard to fit in the time for a spa session. In other words, ‘me time’.

However, I was reminded very much how wondrous a spa session can be, and how much good it can do for you. I was thoroughly rejuvenated and it felt like everything else doesn’t exist for a moment. For 90 minutes to be exact. The Urban Retreat Spa made that happen. And how apt for it to be called as such, because it really is a retreat from the urban lifestyle.

I was invited by them to try out their new Lymphatic Detox Massage, a 90 minute massage that helps with lymphatic drainage of toxins and to help reduce bloatedness. It is done with light but firm circulating movements that coaxes the body into a deep relaxation. This is the best sort of massage for me because I really detest those overly-vigorous massages that make you ache the day after.

The Urban Retreat Spa is located in Mont Kiara and The Curve. I went to the outlet at The Curve, and it is quite a big space, that looks deceivingly small at first but unbeknownst to many, it is made up of 3 regular shop lots. Walking in, the space looks amazingly cosy, with dimmed down lights and wood accents, green pillows to signify nature, and a soft bubbling water feature to evoke calmness.



To start off, I was given a steaming cup of their home-brewed ginger tea as I waited for my massage therapist to be ready. Apparently, it is brewed for nearly 10 hours with brown sugar, which makes it very mild and less spicy, but very warm and soothing to the throat and stomach. I was also given bamboo slippers, so that I can get out of my towering heels and let my feet breathe.

Was never a fan of ginger till I tried this tea!


We started off with a warm foot wash. I was then led to my massage room, where the masseuse politely left me to undress, put on some disposable underwear and get comfy on the massage bed. Now the good thing about this place is that the towels and sheets are washed daily, and every month, they dispose of the towels and bring in fresh ones. The place is very, very clean so you can rest assured that hygiene is of the utmost importance in this spa.

The bubbling water feature right outside my room (on the right) that gave me a very soothing ambient sound. They don’t use actual doors, to eliminate unnecessary sound; but use thick, floor-length cloth instead. They also have couple rooms, for couples to enjoy a massage in the same vicinity.


My massage bed that is very comfy. 🙂

The massage started off with her laying two warm towels on me before starting on my right leg. Now, lymphatic massages are all about opening the ‘nodes’ within the lymphatic drainage system, and gently coaxing the toxins outwards (down south) to help detoxify the body. She used a warm oil that smelled, to me, like ginger and lemongrass – very soothing. The oil sort of stimulates the body, and it made me feel very sleepy. I didn’t really doze off, but I was in between sleep and consciousness.

From my legs, she moved on to my back – making wide circular movements that is very, very nice. After doing my back, she starts onto my arms, one after another and followed by my neck. I lost track of time and thought that was it; but no, she told me to turn over, and she began the entire process, starting from my feet again. This time, she put a light mask over my eyes, so no light gets in.

I’d like to point out something. I know many girls are skeptical about spas because when I say ‘turn-over’, people go like “Oh you mean your masseuse SAW everything?”, “I don’t want to show my naked self to a stranger!” Professional spas like these, they are very discreet and aware of how important it is to put their ‘self-conscious’ customers at ease. So you do not have to worry about it at all, because form experience, my masseuse is very polite and she would also ask if the pressure is okay, and so on.

So, after she has completed massaging my arms and neck, and shoulders – she left me for a bit. I was on light-snooze mode by then, and the bubbling of water outside my room just made me even sleepier. A few minutes later, she came back in, and it seems that she had washed all the oil from her hands because she started massaging my neck and face. Soooo good! She has really soft hands (I’m sure, from all that oil!) and it’s like the best ever.

Shortly after, she asked if I want her to work on my back. I said okay and she told me to sit up and cross my legs as she secured the towel around my body. Sitting behind me, she guided me gently to each side, twisting my torso to give a nice tension release. Then she put two of her knees against my back, pulled my hands backwards – my back gave a few nice, loud cracks of tension release. That felt so good, especially after a long day at work. A little repetition, and it was over.

I liked how she gave me that nice ‘wake-up’ massage to end the session. It didn’t involve me sleeping for 10 minutes only to be awakened, groggy and snooze-deprived. I redressed, and headed out to the waiting room to be greeted with another warm cup of ginger tea. Can’t you tell how much I enjoyed it? I was already mentally planning my next visit with my beau; I think we will take a couple’s room!

My masseuse brought out my shoes for me to change into and that was that. I left feeling light and relaxed, and slept so well that night. I was also told to drink lots of water after, because it helps enhance the ‘detox’ qualities of a lymphatic massage. The next day was great because I felt energized and was at top productivity level at work, despite it being a Friday.

My masseuse, she’s the absolute best!

Urban Retreat Spa also offers a variety of other massages, like the ever popular Aromatherapy Massage, or my favorite Deep Tissue Massage. They even have Thai Yoga Massage for the adventurous, and Foot Massages for the weary. I also like how they have a Pregnancy Massage for expecting mothers, to ease you from the soreness of swollen legs. Currently, there’s also a Ramadhan offer for those of you who are getting ready for Hari Raya. Drop by to check out their list of services, with their very friendly help desk assistant, or if you’re already convinced, call too book an appointment.

The Curve, Mutiara Damansara (reservation: +603.7731.9829)
1 Mont Kiara Mall, Mont Kiara (reservation: +6012.617.9509)


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