If You Won’t Love Him When He’s Poor, He Won’t Love You When He’s Rich

Just the other day, I was talking to an acquaintance of mine, and she was very vexed about something. I asked her about it, and she (probably had too much to drink) told me all about it. Apparently, the guy she dated for a good 4 years, whom she dumped, is now a multi-millionaire.

She dumped him because he couldn’t support her extravagant lifestyle, and he was always busy with his work (he works in tech so you know, work is always never ending as long as the internet exists). He was a wonderful guy though, according to her, but his lack of funds and her need for an unlimited ATM machine, lead to the demise of their relationship.

Quoting her: “I never should have left him IF I KNEW he was going to be this rich!” 

Sadly, I believe this is the mindset of most of the girls in this current generation. It’s not only about the money, it’s also the status and ‘job title’ of a man that makes him worthy or acceptable to date. Most of them think, “I’m young and pretty, therefore I deserve to marry a rich guy to take care of me!” Sorry to break it to you, but your youth and beauty doesn’t last. By the time you’re older, there are younger and prettier girls that will take what you once owned. It’s a losing battle in a vicious circle.

Wealth and status can be accumulated. But love is not something you find on the side of the road every day. It’s like finding an unpolished diamond and tossing it away because it doesn’t look too pretty. When one finds that sort of true love, one does not just toss it away (unless you’re a silly duck like my friend here). I think if girls write off such a wonderful man because of his money or status, then, really; if you won’t love him when he’s poor, he won’t love you when he’s rich.

More girls should be like the rich girl who married a chicken rice seller. I’m not saying every girl out there should only look for men of a certain status or monetary value. Look for a man who loves you for all that you are and vice versa. If he’s rich, good for you. If he’s not, what’s the problem, just as long as he’s the right one for you.

Life is too short to be trading love for money.

Anyways, over the weekend, I attended a wedding that speaks volumes about love and foreverness. All of us had fun basking in the lovers’ glow, and had amazingly good food at KL Hilton (the warm chocolate cake dessert really takes the cake of being the best dish of the night). It was such a good mood booster before getting hit hard with the Monday blues. Love – never ceases to amaze me.


I stole two bouquets of these roses form the wedding. Such a waste to have it thrown out.


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