The Queen Bee’s Royal Decree


Hear ye! Hear ye!

Just recently, the lovely people at Burt’s Bees sent me their latest products – the delicious-smelling Radiance Facial Cleanser and the creamy Radiance Night Cream that are fit for a queen – to try. Verdict? An amazing change to my skin!

Now, the radiating nourishment that shines through this Radiance Collection range features one of nature’s best and nutritious substances – Royal Jelly!

Here’s a little scientific fun fact for you: The queen bee (an actual bee, not the snobbish high school prom queen version) lives exclusively on a royal jelly diet which makes them 42% larger and weigh 60% heavier than the average worker bee. They also live 40 times longer than worker bees. This drastic difference has something to do with the extremely high nutritional content of the Royal Jelly.

Burt’s Bees is all about natural products, and many like myself, can vouch or their amazing products. I am a long-time fan of their amazing beeswax lipbalms that work so much better than the countless others I’ve tried. Now that I’ve tested the aforementioned products from their Radiance Collection for two weeks, I am sold! It even comes with a lovely candle and golden crown for a full-bodied experience. Let me tell you all about it.

The Radiance Facial Cleanser is light, but has a nice creamy texture. I love how it comes in a very convenient dispenser form, which makes it so much easier to use without having to flip or twist open any caps. The formula smells rich and of raw honey, but not overly sweet-smelling, and is quite like a liquid cream. It lathers very luxuriously and feels silky on the skin. This mild face wash contains a gentle plant-based cleansing complex with Jojoba Beads and  Fruit Acid Complex. This encourages skin epidermis turnover, to allow a brighter, more radiant skin to shine through.

Washing the lather off, it leaves skin feeling soft and supple – it also removes dirt an oil very effectively, giving a nice, clean and moisturized feeling.

Following the cleanser is the Radiance Night Cream, which is the best natural night time moisturizer. This is a very thick cream moisturizer, one of the thickest I’ve tried. Formulated with Bee Pollen and Shea Butter – infused of course, with a heaping of Royal Jelly. This powerful combination results in a powerful enhancement of the skin’s natural radiance, while you sleep.

The cream is very thick, like cream cheese, if not exactly like it. It spreads very well on skin and you can feel a nice and good weight of moisturization, that is perfectly apt for night time use. I also love how it comes in a nice and sturdy glass jar, with a wide enough diameter for finger-dipping.

Cream so thick, it doesn’t even shift after my finger made a dent in it.

While the effects are not very apparent during the first week of use, I start seeing the radiance and feel the lingering softness after the second week of use. Your skin will thank you for it, after all, this range is nothing if not fit for a Queen Bee.

The range is made complete with its Radiance Serum, Radiance Toner, Radiance SPF7 Day Lotion, Radiance Day Cream and the Radiance Eye Cream. Available at all Burt’s Bees specialty stores nationwide.

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