The Peak’s ‘Ho Mia’ Art Auction For Charity


The word ‘Ho Mia’ is from the Hokkien dialect, meaning ‘the good life’. It represents one who is living a prosperous and abundant life.

Just the other night, The Peak Malaysia hosted the Ho Mia Charity Auction at the Wei-Ling Contemporary gallery in The Gardens. This auction involves a project where 10 beautiful melon teapots, courtesy of Royal Selangor, were painted by 10 renowned Malaysian artists – based on their own interpretation of Ho Mia.

The bids will start at RM1,800 (or price as deemed fit by the auctioneer) and RM1,000 from each of the proceeds will go back to the artists for their time and contribution, while the rest of the money goes to the SPCA. Giving back to help our furry little friends, has to count for something! 🙂


Esteemed guests mingling, sipping on Jacob’s Creek wine and nibbling on canapes provided by Sage Restaurant before the bidding begins.



All the teapots come accompanied by a piece of art by the same artist, which are also for sale but not part of the auction. When I arrived at the gallery, I can already see that some of the art pieces are already sold. I have to say, some of the pieces are really gorgeous and they are also created along the Ho Mia theme.



This is one of my favorite teapot, it comes with that lovely wooden tray covered in thumbprints.



This is another one of my favorites, it comes with that lovely stand with the sky painted on it. It pairs up well with the teapot that reflects the sky on the top.



Daphne Iking, our emcee for the night.


Bidders taking a closer look at the teapot masterpieces before bidding to part with a chunk of their hard-earned money.

The auction started off slow, but slowly intensified towards the end. All in all, we raised over RM100,000, which is pretty great! Some of the teapots on its own was bid and sold for RM45,000. I’m so stoked that all that is going into helping our furry friends at the SPCA! 🙂

The team that helped make all this happen!


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